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The WORST breeder you have ever seen or delt with.

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We all hear stories about how GOOD breeders are, but for a change, What are some REALLY BAD ones/ stories from personal experence ....( Any cat breed at all, Exotic,Aby,siamese,mane coon,) Also in regaurds to fourm rules you dont need to say names, just refur to breeeder, A...B...C...D

I hope that by osting this I can/we can warn others who are thnking of going the purebred rote, what CAN happen if they are not careful.
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The whole concept of this thread strikes me as unnecessarily negative, but if we can keep the thing from becoming a bashfest, I guess there's merit in warning people of potential pitfalls. HOWEVER, right up front, let me pick up on the OP's admonition not to name names in your negative comments. Please and thank you.
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I agree with Fran. This is a very contentious topic between reputable breeders and many folks that work in animal rescue who are the recipients of bad breeders. There are some people who would disagree with your assessment that "we all hear stories about how GOOD breeders are" because they have never experienced one.

From the perspective of a person who has spent a lot of time working with rescue groups, I would single out any breeder who does it thinking that they will get monetary gain from it (puppy or kitten mills), or ones who don't understand what they are doing and feel compelled to breed simpy to give their cat the experience of motherhood (she's pretty and needs to have offspring). These are the ones that can make their way to a shelter and these are the breeders that rescue people detest. A good breeder understands their breed, loves the animals, and works to keep a good genetic line going. And anyone in rescue who understands this respects the good breeders.
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I'm curious what got you into the "anti-breeder" clique. You just recently purchased/acquired a Somali, which is a breed cat. Then shortly afterwards you posted something in the breeder forum about never buying a breed cat ever again, that there were too many moggie cats dying in the shelters.

What's going on? Did you have a bad experience? Is your Somali a problem cat? Did he/she come from a bad breeder in your opinion?

I'm just wondering what's driving your anti-breeder sentiment lately.
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I have never personally been in a "bad" breeders house, but I've heard stories about other's experiences!

One in particular was in the Washington DC area. I showed my rexes for years and I had more then one person tell me about this breeder. The owners had bought cats from her and were very disappointed as the cats were nothing like my rexes (coat and temperment).

A little prodding from them revealed the truth:

1. ALL her cats were living in tiny cages - mom and kittens.

2. No socialization at all

3. Breeder sold the rex kittens at 8 weeks old (FAR FAR too young) as if she kept them longer, they would not be able to be handled.

4. The kittens all had bad coats - 1/2 bald, and never got the proper waves.

5. She "claimed" to have shown her cats; but in over 10 yrs, she was NEVER seen in a showhall locally!

6. I got a copy of the pedigree of one of her cats from the owner - there were numerous mistakes (color wise) and so the papers were more then likely falsified.

I've been in some breeders houses (himalayans) where IMO they needed to do better in litter pan duty - the poor kittens had to step over all the poop in the pans. I don't know how often she cleaned them but it had to be once every few weeks!
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Thats not good.

I didnt mean to post such a negative thread/ I was looking online at the sheer num of breeders and thought this was nesscary to warn others away from suporting a bad breeder or one who lies about the things they state. My breeder was good... but did have a few issues.

Stud wasn't there

There was no deworming in the cattery

The kittens was sold without declawing forbidance.

and when I got him Leopaorn struggled to be put down everytime I picked him up, they were underfoot but I doubt they were used to handling.
There are no other Somali breeders near me though

Now he's used to being handled and purs in my arms/ like Bindi.

Over all however the breeder was knowagable and kind/ he acounted for my limited budget/ and he showed his cats/ I met him at a show this spring.
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Personally, I am yet to meet a bad reputable breeder, we have plenty who help out at the shelter and are great people who really care for their cats and treat them like part of the family.

I have however, seen the kittens (and adults) that come in from some of the less reputable BYBs where the papers are often falsified, they haven't received adequate vet care etc, the cats (not just the kittens) are poorly socialised (as in scared of every person near them).

We recently had purebred kittens from an AC raid on a BYB. There was 2 momma cats and 7 kittens sharing what I guess could be a rabbit hutch, only 5 feet wide, 2 feet tall and 3 feet deep, and the momma cats were fighting and a neighbour called AC. The woman was not home when the animals were taken and didn't 'notice' they were gone for 3 days
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I would be more inclined to celebrate the really fantastic experiences you have had with breeders - goodness knows there are so many rotten BYBs out there that it would be nice to hear something encouraging and positive for once.
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I dont really know any breeders, accept for my cousin and her husband. Who love there dogs like kids.

Like i posted the other day, the guy here in the office want a bengal kitten, but so far, 2 breeders in the area have turned them down(they hvae 2 arleady that are front and back declawed)

of course like with anything there will be good and bad people
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You know and everyone knows this that I am not against breeders that breed to better the breed. I am very much into animal rescue and would never purchase a dog or cat from a breeder. I don't care how responsible you are, I will not buy from you. I know that sounds harsh and I'm sorry. I will always adopt, always. Just as long as you find good homes for all your pups and kittens and they don't end up in a shelter, that's good.
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I got my two persians from breeders. I had good experience because the cats were clean and had no ear mites, or parasites, or other diseases. Unfortunately one of the cats had an allergic reaction to flea medication (he didn't have fleas, but vets recommend using flea medication as a preventive) and ever since he is scared of his own shadow, but that is not breeder's fault. He was a nice friendly cat when I got him.
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