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well, i dont know if there are many threads out there on this
subject, i looked around but didnt see any, so, i want to
ask a few questions about it, and the reason i am posting
in Health&Nutrition is because it seems to me, that it's a
health hazard, and i was hoping to get some facts

so, i dont give my cats catnip, or, i should say, i rarely
give them catnip, because i have been told it speeds up
their heart, and can cause damage in the long run.

is this what happens? is it unhealthy for the cat to ingest
catnip? is it okay in moderation?

i'd like to know if they can have it once in awhile,
seeing as how they love it so much.

thanks for any information
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I give my cats a pinch of catnip maybe once a month. I have never heard anything about it increasing their heart rates. I've never had any problems with it.
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There was just an article in Cat fancy on Cat Nip. I have never heard of the heart theory. Everything I have read on the subject sais that most cats react to it and that the only time you should limit or take it away all together is if you have an agressive kitty.
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I give my babies catnip about twice a month or so. They both react to it for 10 minutes or so and I see no after effects.
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well, that's good news, i was told by a few friends that it speeds
up their heart rate and over time can be quite damaging, but,
i wasnt told this by a Vet or anything, so i thought i would
get more opinions.

i think once in awhile will be just fine and
thanks for your input
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I read somewhere that catnip gives cats a feeling similar to that of being in heat - I wish I could remember where I read that!

Here is a site I found pretty informative: http://www.favoritepetproducts.com/catnipfaq.html
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