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Sorry Yoda.  

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Mama didnt want you to die, espically that way!!!

I miss you alot baby.
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You poor thing, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace sweet Yoda.
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Nothing and no one can touch you now Yoda.

Run free sweetie

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Be happy Yoda, you didn't deserve this, it wasn't meant to be this way....
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Just tragic

I hope you get to bite him really hard one day Yoda - Just remember you are safe now and that Mummy always loved you
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Rest In Peace Yoda. My heart just breaks for you, and those that loved you.
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Rest in Peace Yoda.
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I remember the announcement when you got him and the pics of his cute face.

Have fun running and playing at the bridge sweetie!
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RIP poor baby
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Play sweetly across the bridge Yoda, your mama loves you and someday you will meet again.
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Oh, so tragic!! RIP Sweet Yoda!!
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Rest in peace Yoda little man. I'm so sorry I didn't help you. My heart is with you, run free along the Rainbow Bridge angel
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Play happy now sweet Yoda! Your time was cut short, but you will live on in our memories.
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