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I can't deal with this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just went to do laundry, and discovered our clothes COVERED in cat pee. I don't know who's doing this. I also discovered Jorin's cat bed covered in it. It's soaked into my desk, and I don't know if I'll ever get the smell out. I'm so angry right now I could spit nails. I'm about to call the lady at the shelter and tell her to take these two cats back!
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One of your cats could be sick- so you need a vet to determine that.

You should always have extra litter boxes, always allow for one box more than you have cats.

There are several things you can try if you haven't already- here is a link to a thread about it, if you haven't seen it yet.

Inappropriate peeing
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Good luck, there are MANY things you can do/try in situtations like this.

About the hamper, get covered hampers, don't leave soft things around or nice piles of things, try to make everythign in your house as unappealing as possible.

And... before it "might" be to late, keep the kitty off your bed(s) until you get the problem resolved.

I agree, bring the cat to the vet asap. And read up on this please!
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I have 5 cats now, and 3 litterboxes. There is no place to put another litter box. I have a small apartment. And as for taking the kitty to the vet, I have no clue which kitty is doing this! It could be one of the new ones, or it could be one of my existing 3 who is either sick or angry about the new kitties. I can't get covered hampers right now, I don't even have enough money in my account to cover rent this month ;( I shouldn't have taken in these two, even as fosters.
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I've been in your shoes a few times. Can you put the hampers behind a closed door?
Just sit down and think about what you really want to do for these cats and yourself, and then think about what you really can accomplish given your current situation, and then make a decision from there.

Just make sure, when/if you return them to the shelter, that you explain everything, you don't want it to stress your other cats out, you don't have a lot of money to take on these foster cats right now and wish to see them to another caretaker.
I've seen it all too many times when a rescuer drops an animal off saying "yeah they started peeing every where." And gave no further explaination, there after the reputation plunges. Thusly you'll never be able to foster through them, or anyone they know again.

Some people can/will look down upon you for returning these fosters to a shelter over a "small litter box issue". But me, and others like me, understand your situation.
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Sorry but three litterboxes for five cats is not enough. Perhaps you should buy a big plastic box, the kind that slide under the bed and use those sizes as they are bigger. Until you do then you will probably always have one or two cats with litterbox issues. As Vicki said, there is no shame in telling the shelter to find another home for these two cats.
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Ok, so after doing all the laundry, and hand-washing my brand-new angora sweater( I didn't even get to wear it, and the cats will not leave it alone, so they knocked it off the hanger, into the laundry basket, where it got pee'd on) I layed it out between two towels to dry. The cats left it alone, but I was NOT in a good mood. So Mike bought me a rose last night when he went to pick up milk, to cheer me up. I get up this morning, the rose is chewed, the baby's breath is eaten, and has been vomited up... ON MY NEW SWEATER!!!!!!!!!
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Sound like some wild putty tats. I guess flowers just arn't something you can have in your house? Or at least with in reach of your cats.

Can you close the door to your closet so the cats can't get at it. Asim used to do that... we had a walk THROUGH closet... one end was our bedroom, on the other end was our bathroom... he would pull clothes down alll the time and pee on them.
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unfortunately there are no closet doors the doors kept falling off the track, and one fell ontop of me when I tried to open it. The apartment manager removed them for safety reasons.
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Sounds like you need a new apartment or apartment manager, you should call them an come back in insist they give you brand new doors etc, everything, so that it works again. That's their job, they have to.

I remember Asim peed on this BIG bag of clothes I was about to take out the door and bring to the salvation army... darn cats. =p
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Myste I just read this- haven't been in this thread for a day. Baby Breath is poison to cats! How is your kitty? Please tell me kitty is okay? Babys Breath is highly toxic for cats.
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They're fine, they threw it back up... on my brand new sweater. Right after I finished washing the cat pi$$ out of it. And there's no question who's doing it, Missy just jumped up onto my futon and peed on one of my pillows... right in front of me. She seems to think that this apartment is her personal litterbox. She did it deliberately, it wasn't an accident. I'm so mad I could kill her. She's going to be shut into the bathroom from now (with food and water and a litterbox) until I can get them back to Joanne (the coordinator for Animal Aid, the shelter I'm fostering from) which will probably be on Thursday.
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As angry as the tone in your post is, this is probably a good thing for both of you, if you surrender your cat back. Please tell the coordinator that Missy might have a UTI so they can check her out. I know that it is hard to stay level-headed sometimes when you think a cat is trying to upset you. But a cat will always go in the litter pan unless something is wrong in the enviornment, or with his pan or with his health. It is up to the cat owner to try and figure out what is going on without punishing the cat who is just trying to tell you that something is wrong.

Also please mention the baby breaths, she may have not spit all of it up and it can mean internal problems down the road.
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I'm not trying to punish her by putting her in the bathroom, just trying to minimize the damage. She's got food, water, a litterbox, and toys in there, and if I can ever coax her sister out, she'll have her sister to keep her company. I'm just really frustrated, I just don't have the money or space to deal with litterbox problems like this.
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No on said your punishing here, at least to me and Hissy I'm sure we know that whole bathroom procedure is something many people go through. And at this time I think it the best idea for you and the cats.
Just make sure you go in there and play with her often, and how is she doing, is she only using the litter box?

One of my cats... Asim... back when he had worse issues... my room mate was sitting on his bed, and Asim jumped up on his pillow, and took a big poo on it... all the while watching my room mate in the eyes (he swears Asim was glaring at him.) He scooped it up, trying to cover it up a little and then walked off.
I LOVE THIS CAT, he's so freaking funny sometimes, They used to call this cat evil, they had nick names but they are not appropriate to mention here, but it was in relation to the litter box issue.
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I agree with Hissy here regarding the cats- PLEASE give the cats back to the place. Cats can pick up on what you are feeling toward them so that won't improve the situation and most likey will affect how they will react to you in the future.

About what you said- They're fine, they threw it back up... on my brand new sweater. Right after I finished washing the cat pi$$ out of it. And there's no question who's doing it, Missy just jumped up onto my futon and peed on one of my pillows... right in front of me. She seems to think that this apartment is her personal litterbox. She did it deliberately, it wasn't an accident. I'm so mad I could kill her. Please do not take offense at what I will say now - WHOA about this part- it sounds like you are more concerned about a sweater than the physical/mental health of a cat. You should be thankful that they are OKAY and not DEAD from the baby breath!!

There's ALWAYS a reason why cats would pee/vomit and again they can't just STOP vomiting. Think -Have you ever been able to STOP VOMITING??????

Unfortunately cats can't communicate verbally so they communicate via body language and actions. I know it can be frustrating but again, clothes and furniture CAN be fixed/replaced while cats' health can't be fixed if it was serious.

I also understand about the money situation- I am having some money struggles also and have 3 cats who have had caused some damages to stuff at home such as breaking 3 floor lamps, glass statues, etc. Recently someone pleaded with me to adopt another cat and it really broke my heart to say no but I knew it'd be best for that cat because I really can't afford another cat and I didn't want to worry about the changes in dynamics within the cat group. So let the shelter know that at this time, you can't foster any more cats. I'm sure they will understand.

Take a deep breath and HANG in there. Keep us posted- especially since they ate baby breath. I didn't know that was poisonious!
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I didn't know it was poisonous either, I figured they threw it up like they do cat grass. As far as the sweater goes, I was pointing out thier choice of sites, rather than the fact that they threw up.

I went in to the bathroom today (the stench in there is enough to kill someone, even with the fan going), she still won't use the litterbox except to pee, and not even then. I held my breath and cleaned it, but chances are, next time I go in there, there'll be another big pile of poo to clean. I wish I could understand. Lady's a sweet, gentle, shy cat. She's difficult to catch, but when you finally catch her, she resigns herself to the petting, cuddling with purr-fect grace. She purrs and kneads and looks up at you with beautiful eyes. Missy on the other hand is always looking for mischeif (hence her name) and loves people. She will come looking for pets, and enjoys being cuddled. I wish I knew why missy is having these problems. I'm going to arrange to have her taken to the vet when Joann calls me.
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Until you get that call I would clean and scrub that litter box every day. Is it placed close to where she eats? If it is, she won't use it. I would also add a second litter box for her to use, and even try different types of litter.

I know you were not punishing her by confining her in a room. I confine a momcat with her kittens in a room until they learn litter pan manners.It was your tone of your post, you seemed so angry at this cat who is NOT doing this intentionally to upset you. SOMETHING is wrong with her or her enviornment. Once the problem is corrected, the litter pan will no longer be an issue.
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We took Missy is this afternoon, turns out that she has a mild UTI, and the vet gave me some Clavamox for him. I gave Missy her first dose tonight. She didn't like it one bit, let me tell you! We put a second litterbox in the bathtub and she's at least stopped pooing in the tub. We found 2 more fresh accidents in the apartment, not sure whether it's Lady doing it now or when Missy got out while I was washing her waterdish. But Lady's now in the bathroom with Missy, to be on the safe side. I go in 4-5 times a day and play with them (which is a LOT easier now that Missy's using the litterbox to poo... it's hard to hold your breath for 15 minutes!) and they have plenty of food and water.
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That's GREAT! Glad ot hear that it's working out. Pls do keep us posted!
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Wow, just wondering how things are going?
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I have a small appartment and i have 2 cats. I would so much love to have a third but i know that i cant support that. you sound so unhappy.If you are unhappy, the cats are unhappy.
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