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Isosceles is dead

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Originally posted by lotsocats
We have just one more (for the moment) who needs to be trapped. She is a small tortoise-shell with a gold triangle on her forehead. We call her Isosceles (for the triangle). She is very timid, though she is becoming braver as the days pass. I was actually trying to trap her yesterday, but caught Caruso instead. I think we will be able to socialize Isosceles pretty quickly and find a good home for her once I can actually get to her!
As I was driving to work this morning I saw a dead cat about 3 blocks away from my house. I turned the car around to see the kitty (always concerned about my ferals) and found that it was Isosceles. We had not seen her since we returned from being away for 3 days over Christmas, though we were sure she was still visiting at night. The blood was still fresh, so she must have been hit this morning or late last night. I'm so sad.
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As people have mentioned before, all rescue stories do not have a happy ending. What a horrible turn of events.

Renae, I'm so sorry that you found her this way. There will always be dark days in a person's rescue efforts. But all the positive daily efforts will ease you through the dark ones.

It's a heartbreaker.
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Renae, there's nothing more to say. I'm so sorry.

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Oh Renae I am so sorry! Hugs (((((((()))))))))))
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Renae, Bless your heart for caring so much. Unfortunately, you can't save them all. I'm so sorry.
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All I can say is that I am sorry to hear the sad news.
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Oh Renae, I'm so sorry.
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