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Two litters of sphynx 4 +1

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Leeloo (4) and Echo (1) have given birth to a bunch of cutiepies

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Cutiepies they are indeed!
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OMG--ME wanna NAKED KITTY!!!!!!
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OMG they remind me of the "hush puppy" dog crossed with a new born rat pup!!!

They are soooo cute <3
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Awwwwwww how precious!!!
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I want to knit them sweaters! And I don't know how to knit
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Oh my goodness. I just love the Sphynx breed. They are so adorable as babies and adults. I wish I could snatch up one of those beauties.

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Oh what precious little cherubs!

My MIL is fostering two Sphynx queens and their litters for their 'breeder'.
We've both come to the conclusion that this woman should not be breeding.

However, I simply adore those kitties.
Every time I visit with them, I want to bring a baldy cat home with me
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I have honestly never seen sphynx kittens before.

They are little darlings!
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Awwww my immediate reaction was to tell Nate they look like little jellybabies
Fantastic photos
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They're cute in an "alien" sort of way, aren't they?
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OMG, sooo cute! I love their wrinkles! What's going to happen to them when they're older?
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going to loving homes as the last litter we had I guess
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if i had somethng like that in my house and i didnt know it was a cat id call an extermanater, lol! but since they are kitties... omg they are sooo cute!!!! i just want to hug em and kiss em and luv em!

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Look at their mum--they'll grow out of the "alien" look soon enough! I don't think they're "cute" but then... I've never really liked cats for their looks. More their personality. And these little ones look like they're ready to pounce on life and grab it!
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