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Stray declawed

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I'm having a problem with a stray cat. We have six cats total four outside in the barn two in the house. All of them are strays showed up for free food, heat and shelter in the winter.
The last one that showed up was declawed she was really thin not shy at all came running toward me like a long lost friend. I didn't catch that she was declawed vet did. She now stays in the house this is where problem starts She is moody! You never know if she going to bite of purr. Another problem is our other inside cat beats the tar out of her.

I feel so bad for her any ideas.
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You have to protect this poor little thing. Try keeping her isolated for a while so she can settle in without having to worry about being attacked. she is really defendless with no claws. No wonder she is moody. I would feed her separately and try to shield her until your other cats accept her as part of the family. You are a great person for taking in these guys.
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I think it will take time and lots of love and attention for her to realize she's in no danger staying in the house with people who care about her.

Maybe then she'll calm down.

Poor thing!!!
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I feel your pain, I have a stay declawed and it took me about a year's worth of love and attention for her to get my trust.

I already had another cat who has claws, so that was more work trying to keep the other cat from beating up my stray.

Like the other poster said, keep her separated, feed her well, give her lots of attention, she will then after a while gain your trust. And she probably will not want to go outside anymore. Set up a cat window for her very own.

Here's the hard part, you'll have to keep those other cats away from her until she gets used to her new home, until she knows the other cats' weaknesses and until she knows how to defend herself.

Good Luck and so glad you took her in. Here are some vibes for her.

PS My stray is still moody after a year, she will bite if she does not want to be petted. I respect that, after all, she had her 'defense' taken away from her and SHE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT and I won't either.
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