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Cat Eating Bed Sheets and hair!!!!

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I have a cat that I got from Petsmart and everything has been fine. He is very playful and a lot of fun. However, I have been woken up on a regular basis to find that he has chewed holes in my sheets, I thought it was because I had jersey sheets on the bed, and I put a pair of cotton sheets on the bed and he did it again. At this rate. he has ruined three sets of sheets. What to do!!!!??????

He also eats my hair.......I have bought so many chewy toys and scratchy toys, it's ridiculous!! I've thought about getting him a playmate (another cat), but I can't see how that will help.
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Could he have an upset stomach? My dear sweetie whom I lost last month ate my hair b/c his tummy hurt! Hyepracidity ...
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Wow, you DO have a determined little muncher there. Probably the root cause is early separation from his mom, followed by separation anxiety. I'm not sure what to do; my Tarifa will munch on my hair if she can, so I'm very careful to keep her away from it because just one strand of this 3'-long steel cable would not be a good menu item for her! I've cared for cats who've been chewers, too -- I didn't "do anything" about it, except to get up and then they would not chew my sweater, hair, etc. Maybe someone else will have other ideas for you regarding the sheet issue -- sure hope so!
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That's a weird one. I've heard that cats dislike citrus scents -- you could either spray your bed with citrus scented spray, or wash them in a detergent that has that smell.

Bitter apple is a good deterrent for plants, though I don't know how well it would work when applied to sheets.

As a last resort, you could leave one of the old chewed set of sheets on the floor for him, and every time you see him trying to chew the bed sheets, move him to the ones on the floor (maybe help by seasoning them with catnip). Or perhaps a small blankie would work. In either case, make sure it has your scent on it.
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