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Happy Nimbus!

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I have two sheep that I keep as pets...not livestock. I have a ram and a ewe. The ram, named Nimbus, is a doll! He loves to cuddle and he is always smiling!
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Thats great that you have sheep as pets! They are lucky sheep

Nimbus actually likes to cuddle? Thats awesome!

Thanks for sharing your photo, hope to see more someday!
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Yup, he does like to cuddle! LOL I never thought sheep could be affectionate, but when he sees me he comes running up to me, looks up, and rests his head against my tummy. I rub his cheeks and his eyes close. He also will stand still while I give him big bear hugs. He is a lovebug! I just love digging my fingers in that plush wool so it's a good thing that he has no issues with me petting him!
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I had a Suffolk ram in my teens, he loved me to death.
He would attack any male human in the pen with me though.
I think he thought of me as his ewe.

Is Nimbus a Southdown?
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Yes, Arlyn, he is a Southdown! I'm impressed! Before I got mine I didn't even know there were different varieties! Both of them were runts that were about to be left for dead, but hubby and I brought them home and they have become such fun pets!
Nimbus isn't very "rammy" yet...although my ewe, Cirrus, will give my dog quite a chase!
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Aww bless you for rescuing them.

I have always wanted Southdowns, maybe someday I'll have a house with a big yard
They are just so cute and cherubic being so small compared to other sheep.
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OMG how precious Nimbus the cuddly ram ....... and looking at him smiling
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thats nice great thing to have as a pet actually
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OMG! I love him! Look at that face!

You know, it was petting a baby lamb that made me vegetarian. Two years ago, never looked back.
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Oh wow~he is smiling!!!

He is soooo cute! Looks very cuddly!!!
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