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Allergy foods?

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Does anyone know of dry foods that have no rice, corn, or soy? There are the grain-free foods like Serengeti and Orijen, of course, but I want to know all my options. I would appreciate any ideas.
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Natural balence Venison and Pea

Many RX of meat+ pea or potato

it is a small list cause of the rice

raw instict
for more grain frees
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You can't get the Natural Balance Vennison & Green Pea anymore. It went by the wayside in one of the recalls. Natural Balance are coming out with a Duck & Green Pea that they tell me will be on the market early Sept. I haven't been to PetCo to see if they are carrying it yet. I finally resorted to the IVD Vennison & Green Pea that has to come from a vet or at least have a prescription for. After a year of, I can't even tell you how many, steroid shots & pills, my Gizmo is finally not ripping herselp to shreds. I feed her the NB Vennison & Green Pea wet as well as a homemade chicken, rice, sweetpotato recipe that I got from Sharky. I never did figure out exactly what she was allergic to. My vet didn't actually ever say that it was a food allergy, I diagnosed it myself from the internet and help from this site. I would like to try a different dry food with her that wasn't so hard to come by, but I'm sure don't want her to become the itchy, bloody mess that she was all last winter. I've also been very dilligent about keeping Frontline Plus on her. And I think that seems to help too.

Edit to add: I did buy some of this http://www.petfooddirect.com/store/p...S4SAFRFNSC5MNE a couple of weeks ago. They don't seem to eat it very well and it does have rice in it.
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