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Question about an injured stray kitty..

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I live on a small farm and recently there has been a stray calico cat hanging around. She's fairly leary of strangers, but I have been feeding her and she's warming up to me. Well a week or two ago she showed up at my house and it seemed that she had been in a fight, there was a puncture wound on lower jaw. At that time I had decided that I would try to capture her and bring her to my vet to be vaccinated and to get the wound cleaned up. Well she disapeared after that, and I didn't see her around until yesterday. I went to feed her and what I saw was horrifying. Her lower jaw right by her gum line has a huge hole, part of the lower lip is missing and it looks very infected. I have managed to trap her just now, and today at petsmart they have the wellness hours at thier vet, where you can bring the pet in and not pay the office fee. I think I'm going to bring her there this afternoon (im kind of short on cash at the moment, so saving the office fee will help a bit). I'm just wondering if anyone has seen a cat with this kind of problem. Do you think that they'll be able to help her? I'm just worried that the infection has already gotten too bad. And will they be willing to treat her even though she has no vaccinations? Will they try and quaruntine her incase she got in a fight with a rabbid animal?
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I honestly don't know the answers to your questions. I think the very best thing you can do for this kitty is to take her in as you've decided to do and let the "experts" there deal with any issues this poor little kitty might have. It's wonderful that you have done this much for him/her already. Please let us know the outcome of the visit.
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I just returned from the vet visit with the stray kitty (I've been calling her Sassy). I thought they were going to have to tranqulize her to get her to hold still, seeing as she's not very tame. But she suprised as all and was a perfect little angle while he was examining her. The vet said that part of her lip is missing, it probably rotted off from the infection. It'll never grow back, but he thinks with antibiotics it should heal up. So he sent me home with some antibiotics for her, she has to take them twice a day. Hopefully they'll work, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will.
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I'm glad to hear that the kitty is doing better. I hope she'll recover soon. I'm also glad that you took the time to get her treated and save her life!
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I hope that she does well. I am very fond of "Sassy" cat's, as I have one myself.
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Thank you for helping her.
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