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had to share.

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fluffy trying to get her baby (14 weeks) to stop climbing

thats great you take pictures while i try and round them up

no more pictures im busy feeding them now without thanks to you

btw she has no milk left but im not gonna be the one to tell her lol.
while this is all going on chloe is zzzz in the cat tree next to them.

and thought i would post one i took last night of gizmo,chloe and gracy.
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What a cute little bunch you have there!
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Adorable fur babies, that first pic is so sweet.
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Awww to cute. I love them all, can I have one? Im just teasing. I love the first pic!
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Chloe looks so content!! and look at the 3 of them!
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Beautiful babies! I love the last pic!
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