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Progress with little Laxmi!

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This morning for the first time, she was sitting in the kitchen, with a belly full, and I leaned down and PICKED HER UP! She was a bit surprised but let me hold her for a while (AND PURRED) before panic set in and I set her gently down. She is coming around, albeit slowly ...

I can tell she is not so skittish or quick to run off in general, and is more casual about moving when she does.

And the other day ... was that an invitation to CHASE?
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That sounds like wonderful news. Getting a cat to trust you is a very special thing.
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Nice work!!! I knew she would come around sooner rather than later!!
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Awww!! What satisfaction and happiness!! Continue to keep us posted on your progress.

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Well ... I actually bent down and picked her up, successfully about 3 times over the weekend! She melted into my arms each time.

This morning she started to run toward me on the bed, asking to be fed ... but then, panicked. But certainly we are getting there!

She is SO needy, she will sleep on top of any of the other cats, who tolerate it, but do not necessarily appreciate it ... I hope she loosens up more quickly now and I can give her the lovins she is so obviously craving.
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WOOHOO! Last night she got cuddles ... and it turned into FIGHTY-BITEY!!!

She really trusts me ... kill the hand ... kill the hand ... WAAAH HAHHH! And the look of smug disbelief on her face! "I cannot BELIEVE I am getting away with this!"

Still skirting me a little in the hallway, but lay RIGHT across the doorway this morning as if to say, "So step over me!" Not afraid of getting squished, anymore, at least!
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This is wonderful news. I look forward to more progress reports.
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And LAST night ... she was VERY sweet and let me trim her CLAWS! Never fought a bit! What a sweetheart! Still skittery, but ... coming out of the woods, FAST!
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You are now the envy of many here whose love-bugs turn into popcorn with nails when the trimmers come near.

I'm very glad to hear of your progress.
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