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With all the rain we've been having, I was just remembering this today, so I thought I'd bring it up as a topic. So, a couple years ago, my two dogs, Max and Sandy, were left home, outside, during a storm (unfortunately, we were out of town for the day). Upon returning, we discovered that the elevated, wooden, childrens playhouse, in the backyard, was clearly damaged by lightning. The dogs were very agitated and their fur was messed, but seemed otherwise unharmed. You see, the dogs usually slept in the sandbox just below/attached to the playhouse. To this day, we are pretty much convinced that they were probably resting beneath the playhouse when it was struck by lightning and they got some sort of jolt! Max would always become very upset whenever it stormed after that day. Thankfully, my doggies lived on for many more years, but my family and I still occasionally remember the day they got zapped by lightning.

Does anyone else have any stories related to storms or lightning?