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Winstons Black Eye

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So the boys where playing normal racetrack today, when they decided to run under the recliner foot part.

All I heard was a big CLONK as Winston smacked his head on the metal arm! He kinda stood, shook it off, and carried on playing lol.

This morning he has a nice shiner!! Boys will be boys!

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Bless him, his 3rd eyelids showing as well Has he had it checked by a vet?
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Not yet as I only just noticed it swollen up, (He did it a hour or so ago)
He's not stopped playing apart from the 5 seconds he took to shake as if "WOAH, what WAS that" expression lol As I type he has Murphy in a throat hold

I'm actually going to the doctors now for all my Visa Vaccinations ( ) So will see how it looks when we get back this afternoon.

I swear, I'm going to wrap these boys in cotton wool!!
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Well I just got back from the Doctors (OMG the MMR H.U.R.TS ~ now I know why children cry, it's like hot acid!!)

Well anyways I go to see Winston and his eye is now normal size??? The 3rd eyelid has gone in, no swelling. It's the strangest thing. I didn't think a black eye would go away in a matter of 8/9 hours.

I'll still keep an eye on it though and if it swells back up see the cat doc.

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I'm glad Winston's eye is better! Maybe it sounded like he hit harder than he actually did.
I know how you feel with two boys. I just recently acquired a now 9 week old kitten. He and Asher chase each other around this house like crazy cats! They're still getting to know each other and are only able to see each other with supervision. They wear me out!
I've had those MMR shots! I got the series when I was a child but when I applied to my rad tech program I had to get a physical and had my doc test to see if I still had the antibodies...NOPE I didn't so I had to get a booster! Wasn't very fun at all!
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