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Neighbors gazebo in my yard

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We got a pretty big storm last night with some heavy wind. My neighbors have this metal gazebo type thing which is now in my back yard. It hit the house and messed up the siding. It's not real bad so it probably wont be worth turning in on insurance. I was wondering what hit the house last night when I heard this noise. Well, know I know. It came really close to hitting a window too.
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Oh that must have been some storm. Glad to hear that there wasnt much damage done and that no one was hurt.
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Oh I am glad to hear that you are all safe. Sounds like it got really bad. Stay safe..
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This reminds me of a classic D&D gaming legend, in which a player apparently had no idea what a gazebo was...

Beware gaming geekery:
Eric and the Gazebo
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Although you may not see much damage, I would report it to my insurance people for them to take a look. Then I would make sure I had copies of all the paperwork generated so that if a little later on down the road the siding should have a problem, you will have your backside covered.
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I had that happen once with my chicken coop. We had a big windstorm one night, and I was walking down to close the chicken coop, and when I got there it was no longer there! I had to go get a flash light to find it, the thing had blown about a hundred feet away and was upside down. It's really heavy, I would never have thought the wind would be strong enough to lift it, but it was.
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