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Question - is there a place for announcements

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about contests & similar things?
I know some boards don't allow talking about fundraising, but I didn't see anything in the FAQ about it.

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This (The Lounge!) is the place depending upon what it is for. The Ferals and Rescue forum or the S.O.S. forum might be the right place. If you post something and it is deemed inappropriate, the thread will be removed and you'll be contacted by moderator.

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It all depends on what you are announcing.

If its for breeding, we have forums for breeding questions as well as a forum for announcements. If its pertaining to rescues, then the Feral Forum will probably be your best bet. Or if it is a general announcement perhaps the lounge here.

If its in the incorrect spot, one of us mods will be glad to move it for you.
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I hold monthly photo contests on my site.
there is an entry fee, because the contests are fundraisers for the special needs cats that live with me.
Woudl it be ok to occassionally (like once a week) post a reminder about them? Voting doesn't cost anything, just entering.

I also run a small cat store on my site, again all proceeds go to the special needs cats here. Would it be ok to post about items I have every once in awhile? or specials?

Sometimes we have a cat who has to go to the emergency clinic, and whose bills quickly add up, is it ok to ask for donations? they are tax deductable as these cats are fosters from a non-profit shelter.

I don't want to make anyone angry by posting things that are unwelcome, and I don't want to clutter the board with things people don't want to see.

So, I figured its best to ask first.

Bendy Kitty
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Well, I don't see a problem with you making an announcement post in our Feral Section especially if the proceeds are going to rescues. Normally we encourage against duplicate posts, in other words posting and then posting it again a few days later, whether in the same forum or in another.

I'm going to run this by the other mods to be sure, and by Anne the administrator of this site. And someone will be in touch if for any reason its not ok.
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I don't think we need to have a reminder every week...just post about it once and occassionally "bump" it up to the top if you want to.

It is great what you are doing for these cats, but all of us here have alot of vet bills and very little money to spare. However, it doesn't hurt to try.
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Instead of announcing your products every week go to our sister site www.meowhoo.com and sign up for a free listing. That way, you are on a mainstream board where cat lovers are looking for products that you have to offer.The initial listing is free to you. BUT don't sign up today- seems we have grown to fast to quick- so we had to purchase an upgrade! It will be place in 24 hours- so wait until then. You can list one time for free under a category that is relevant. Your website will be checked out before it is listed, and we have upgrades available at a small cost.

About your photo contest, it will conflict with the one we are running off meowhoo.com which is free, but with great prizes, but why don't you just make it part of your signature here, and then every time you post people will read your signature and they can click on the link? If you notice, most people do that as a form of advertising, and it clears the board for other things besides duplicate postings every week, or every month.

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Great suggestions Hissy!

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I actually DID sign up on Meowhoo.com today & tried to log in and oops
Glad to hear it will be fixed soon!

And i checked out the advertising rates for the catsite.com
I think I may be able to swing something there.

I really like the sig idea, its why I put my url there but I hadn't thought of putting more than that.

This is why I wanted to ask instead of just posting something!!
I know every community has its own 'flavor' and I don't want to be the bitter kitty in the pot.

now, about my posts being fictional....

u don't think a kitty is really typing this?


Bendy Kitty
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Actually Bendy,

Because we are an educational forum or we try to be, if you post as yourself instead of a personna of a kitty, you will lend more credence to yourself, and allow people to get to know you.

When you want to advertise with us here, give me a shout. I am the Marketing Manager and on-site Editor here. I will be happy to help you out. We have only a few pages left that aren't already booked with advertising, but I know we can fit you in somewhere.

Sorry about the Meowhoo.com snafu. It should be fixed by tomorrow night.
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