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The Army Advances!

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Yes we have reached the shores of the US and we are moving in to capture the 2 legged person you call 'Dubya'. Our kitty weapon inspectors have already found large stockpiles of catnip for use against our forces, so we must prevent this by moving quickly to conquer the evil 'Dubya'.

Our elite kitty ninjas have taken to flying into enemy terratory and as you can see Eric here has taken a real shine to flying .

Please do not fear us, we are only here to help. Just leave some biscuits and some warm meat at the back door and we will not raid your kitchens.

Thank you

Darth Bunn.
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Meet the rest of the ninja army!

Bubba is a master of using his cat box to make horrible smells!

BooBoo is a highly skilled warrior and will not waver in her fight!

Presto, strong, fast agile, fear his tail!.

Finally the mean one, CC, do not cross this kitty or you will pay with your rugs!
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Why did I flash on Zoolander when I saw Presto's picture?
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(rolling eyes)

Who let him out of his cage!?
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Blue Russian -

Has Nakita picked up any signals as to Darth Bunn's location?! Let us know if she catches any intel...
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Remember, Darth BuNN is susceptible to stun guns! Besides, his army is easily co-opted and I have several cans of Pounce kitty treats!
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Ha! Ha! Ha! Silly humans! Little did you know that Darth Bunn has had a secret ally General Pawpatine hiding in the US. Our forces have now doubled it is futile to resist!We strike now!
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Oh No! Darth BuNN has converted our sweet Nenners to the Dark Side of the Litterbox!

Don't forget, Darth BuNN, that we have three kitties with super spy powers. Obviously Jedi has graduated from Paduan to full Jedi Master, and we have our two spy grrrrls, Nakita and Cooper with their specially equipped satellites to report intelligence.
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The dauntless Pearl is ready to assist us. If the kitty army invades, she will chew up their pillows and they'll have no place to sleep!
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Ah Ha!!!
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Darth BuNN - YOU NAUGHTY BOY. Drafting Purring Panther and Kumbulu? You're worrying Leslie to death.
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My kitties are staying vigilent at their bay window watching for signs of the evil Darth BuNN. We have stockpiled kitty toys and bits of string to waylay them until reinforcements can arrive!
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The kitty forces grow strong, the time is at hand, soon we shall strike!

We will stroke them on the beaches, we shall pet them in the hills, we shall cuddle them in streets and we shall never surrender.

Kumbulu and Purring Panther have both taken command of the second kitty army near the borders of Canada, Lhezza our highly skill artist has drafted up posters for our march to victory!

HAIL the Kitty Army and it's followers!!

Nice picture Lhezza btw I feel a promotion coming.

Nenners, I thank you for your support through this triumphant time, I award you with the kitty medal of valour, the kitt medal of catnip and the kitty medal of wiggling on the rug. Wear them with pride as we march onward to our destiny!

Darth Bunn.
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Remember the kitty forces from Canada. Besides the cold *shrinkage* factor , you better prepare yourself for the following:

General Nakita stands ready....

And she has been practicing her Vulcan mind-melding powers..beware the strength of your opposition...

Don't forget her secret communication detector is fully powered...

Look into her eyes....you are getting sleeepppyyyy....

She is your worst nightmare!!! Her name is Nakita...Nakita 007

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Or you can call her....

get ready.....

La Feline Nakita.
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Toooooo funny!
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ED!! Put that down! That's not a weapon! Who's side are you on anyway, you toilet-obsessed feline?!
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Jan that pic is fabulous!! I actually laughed out loud, really, on that one. Good thing I'm in the front of the office and everyone else is in the back....
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I want to know what sort of army is subdued by "warm meat and biscuits." Sounds like BuNN has the munchies to me. Maybe we can distract him with brownies.

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Snowball is leading an attack against Darth BuNN's soldiers. When Snowball gives the order each fully equiped flying thing will drop large balls of yarn directly in front of BuNN's army.

After that BuNN's soldiers will be waaaay too busy getting tangled in yarn and having fun to listen to any more silly orders!!!
Ha Ha and Ha!!!!

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I'll have catnip at the ready for those soldiers not caught up in the yarn. With any luck, they'll be too busy chasing their tails to do anything else.
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If You Want Us............Come And Claim Us!!!!!!!!!
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From his food dish, Sterling kitty prepares to lick the enemy to death...
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Coco kitty gathers arms to carry into battle...
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My 5 are waiting in the trenches to ambush the army!
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Ah hah!!!!

Just as I thought the great Bunn is afraid! He has not responded to either this post or the Wheres Kumbulu post! Hence forth I label him.........A Shrubbery!!!!
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Sorry been a little busy drafting up plans for the invasion of Greenland.

Nah works been a little hectic of late, and what with personal design projects and Suki wanting her belly rubbed I haven't had much time to spam.

Do not worry though for the Kitty Army has a treat in store for all you mere mortals.
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Waaaaaahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! I see you Darth BuNN!!!!!!!
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Ha! We laugh at your feeble attempt to distract us. Yarn and catnip! It's no use to resist! Darth Bunn will rule!

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Dear oh dear. Nenners has defected to the evil Darth Bunn army. We need Bundy!
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