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Botfly in eye

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My cat had kittens, and one of them had an eye injury. I had thought it would eventually resolve it self until, I noticed something off about the wound. I pulled what i thought was the dead and necrotic eye from the poor little things head. to my surprise it was an inch and half long botfly larva. It apparently was hatched in its eye and destroyed the eye. The eye socket is clean and does not look infected. I was wondering if there's anything I'm gonna have worry about now that the larva is gone, or is it in clear now.
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Well, wow that is horrible! not to mention disgustiing. I would take the little one to the vet asap to be evaluated. Just in case, I don't know if those things carry disease, but there could be something wrong internally that you can't see just by looking at him. Was he seen by a vet when you FIRST noticed something wrong with the eye?
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I haven't had the money to see the vet with him as of yet, but i hope to able to get him there soon.
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Please take that poor kitten to the vet. Do whatever you can to get him there. He needs to be seen immediately.
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Ya try to get him in soon. Maybe the vet can work with you on payments. There are also a ton of low cost clinics around, maybe there is one near you. Also, I would start saving now, because each kitten is going to need three rounds of vaccines and multiple dewormings. They will all need to be spayed and neutered along with, and especially the mom cat. Not only that, but since kittens need to be with their mom until 12 weeks old, they will go through a TON of food and litter. Good luck! Caring for and raising kittens is really expensive!
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Oh my! Poor little thing! That has to be extremely painful!
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