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I'm pregnant and my cat is spraying - HELP!

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Been a while since I've been here guys but I need some help and I know this is the best place to come.

I'm 5 months pregnant with my first child. I have 2 indoor cats, both neutered/spayed. (one outdoor cat, Jasper, but this issue doesn't concern him)

The male, Leo, is my oldest (5 years) and I have to say my sweetest and most sociable cat. Jasmine (4 years) is my finicky female that is in love with her mama and no one else.

Once or twice in the past I have caught Leo trying to pee in an empty box. It was usually when his litter box needed cleaning out. He normally is in love with the litter box.

Over the last 4 months, since knowing I was pregnant, he has been marking more. But get this - its usually in the EMPTY spare room that we are planning to make into the nursery. If there is a rag or a rug on the floor, he will pee on it. I know it is him, I'm sure of it.

The last time this happened was 2 months ago when we were doing home repairs. Everything got tossed into this room and it took me forever to find all the spots he had peed on and get the smell out of there!

I walked in the same room today (again, full of construction mess) and found 2 rags and one empty box that had been marked, courtesy of Leo I'm sure.

I'm just so frustrated!!! This is not like him and I'm starting to wonder if he is doing this because he senses I am pregnant or something. I don't know how to redirect this behavior. I don't want my house smelling like cat pee and for SURE do not want him marking the baby's linens or clothes!!

ANY SUGGESTIONS??? Please....I'm desperate! I think this is only going to get worse!
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Put a litter box in the room he is peeing in. Also a scatching post in the room could help.
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I'd be taking him to the vet. Any unexpected and uncharacteristic changes - particularly in toileting behaviour which cats are very finicky about - could mean an underlying medical problem. Much easier to diagnose and fix (and cheaper, too) before you start delving into psychological issues
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One of mine has done this since I got him. He will use the litterbox but he will also pee on plastic bags and aundry baskets full of clothes, as well as piles of clothes left on the floor. It is really frusterating, especially since my boyfriend ALWAYS leaves his clothes on the floor, and leaves his closet door open (where the laundry basket is kept). He also doesn't want a litterbox in his room either, but i think that would solve the problem. You should try putting one in there. But remember, once he marks a spot, he will return to it unless you use a good cleaner like Natures Miracle or Nok-Out.
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