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It's Been Awhile

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I haven't been around much at all lately so wanted to re-introduce myself.

I'm Lisa and my husband & I have been managing a feral colony at a nearby park going on around nine years now. We've TNR'd in the 100's, found homes for many that were adoptable, and basically care for them as best we can.

We've gotten a few awards from the City, had an article written on us in CatFancy, and have around 30 rescued cats at home. They're all fixed, tested, and in good health.

We have a wonderful set-up. My husband made an outdoor cat run, we have the garage air conditioned with litter boxes, beds, and toys. I wish I could introduce all our cats, but that would take forever! Here's a picture of our cat run which leads to the garage through a doggy door. We then have another doggy door which leads to the inside of the house.

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Wow, that's a great set up.
I'll bet your cats have a great time there, they get fresh air and are safe at the same time.

Bless you and Hubby for all the great work you do.
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Thanks! Here's a link to pictures of some of our ferals at the park. Hope you enjoy!

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your feral colony is beautiful !!

and wow 30 at home ! that is dedication and pure love ! my hats
off to you and your husband for doing such a wonderful and loving job !

i love your outside run !! can i come live with you ?

oh yeah... my 3 cats and a few of my outside ferals just said don't forget
them too !!
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The cats are beautiful.
That long haired Tortie is stunning!
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