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Honey is looking for home, and so are her friends!

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A week ago a skinny, small sized cat appeared in my yard, it was SO hungry, but being it was so small I thought it may have been a kitten born this year I had missed catching. I didnt worry too much about it because mabye it wasnt, and mabye this cat wouldnt show up again. So the next day I look outside and there is this cat again, in all it came about 9 times in 1 day to eat! But the other cats didnt seem to accept the cat and quickly chased it off many,many times. But the cat kept coming back. Anyway, fearing for the cats life, and being it was so skinny, I took my saved money and caught her, and got her spayed and vaccinated. Prettyboy took her to the vet. After she was spayed, prettyboy was saying how friendly this cat was, we were all amazed it was so nice. We figure it must be someones pet, but it had no collar, no microchip, and was VERY skinny to the point we felt her ribs and spine, if this was someones pet, they either didnt care about her or abandoned her. I saw no posters up by me after a few days, so I guess she was homeless. So instead of releasing her back, we decided to get her tested and see if she could go up for adoption. Luckily Prettyboy found a place that would as long as she's healthy, which it turns out she was, just very underweight and needing alot of food.

So now she is up for adoption! Right now you dont see her picture because they want her to put on a little weight before she can find a home, whoch makes sense. Unfortunetly, by accident the vet notched one of her ears, but she is still pretty, and another cat at the rescue place also has a notched ear, so they have something in common now.

When prettyboy and I dropped her off at the rescue yesterday she was so tired from being spayed,bathed,vaccinated, and everything else, so she was sleeping the whole time after, which is good for her!

Here is the name of the rescue, and it's location in case you are interested in adopting Honey, or one of the other cats/kittens at the rescue.

"Kitty Cove" Adoption Center
Long Beach Humane Society
3644 Long Beach Road
Oceanside, NY 11572

And the link for all the cats up for adoption.

Here are 2 pictures of Honey.

Pictures of the other cats/kittens will be in next post.
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Now it's time to meet the other cats at the rescue.

I tried to get pictures of everyone, but some were sleeping or their littermates couldnt get enough of the camera! :P

All I can say is I had a blast meeting all those cats!

These kittens were allowed to be out and play, and boy do they LOVE to play! I dont know their names though.

This is Lucky, right now she is on the front page of the rescue site. She is a very calm cat and sat their admiring all the people that walk in.

Lisa was sleeping when I was there, but I got a great picture of her.

Joey(gray) and Steve(black and white) They were busy watching the people as I took this picture.

There was a mix of gray and black kittens in this cage, they were all busy playing. The 2 gray kitties in the front have big eyes, it's so cute!

I dont the names of these kitties either, but the calico kitten was the most outgoing/talkative kitten in the whole place! You can see her climbing the cage to get close to me!

Cute kitten relaxing

Desiree, the polydactyl cat. She loves door mats and rugs!

I think this is Daisygirl. She slept the whole time I was there, noise doesnt bother her. She woke up right as I left to eat.

Cat or kitten sleeping.

Bootsie, a sweet cat. She is the only declawed cat there.

BigMama, the name says it all! She is a sweet cat who loves to nap (mabye her idol is Garfield?) She also has a notched ear.

Big Boy (I think) He was the adult cat who greeted people the most.

I think this cat is Beans. He was the other kitten who was very friendly and talkative. He loved my camera and I was playing with him alot giving him his toy mouse. He LOVES attention!

2 kittens waking up from a nap.
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This large litter of kittens was in the back room, so I dont know if they were brought there recently. They loved my camera and attention, and I call them "The Wild Bunch" They love to have a good time!

Video of "The Wild Bunch"

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
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wow you did a great job keith !! thanks !
i have not put my pics into my computer yet but as soon as i do i will post
them on this thread.

i want to send you big cheersfor doing such a great job with your
colony. even though you really did not have the money to spare, you
came through for this kitty even though she was not one of your regulars
and paid for her spay, vaccinations, aids/luk tests, and they gave her worming
meds and ear mite treatment and frontline.
all i had to do with this one was the transporting and i had the vet give her a bath.
you did everything from A-Z on this. you did a great job and you saved this cats
life !!

i will send my friend who came with us a link to this thread.
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Aww how sweet of you and Prettyboy to rescue her! SHe looks sweet. so do the others at the rescue! I hope they all find a good home soon. bless you both for helping her out.
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keith my friend that came with us to the rescue the other day said
to tell you how impressed she is with your post and pictures !!!

she joined the cat site to post but she is still waiting to be activated.
when she is activated her name will be snowysmom on this site.

i gave her your email address ..... i figured since you two met a couple
of times you wouldn't mind. she really wanted to let you know what
an awesome job you did.
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well, here i am.....
once again, keith, awesome job on this.
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I was away for a few days so i'm just reading the replies now.

I'm glad everyone likes the thread. Hopefully it will help the cats there have a better chance at getting adopted because people here see what they are like with a regular person like me with them. They were all well behaved.

I went on their site to match the cats pictures and find their names.
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They are all so beautiful Im orginally from Long Island (Rockville Centre) and I know if I still lived there I would go to this place right now and look to see which ones I could adopt. I love Big Mama, her coat is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos of these cute little ones. I hope they all find forever homes real soon!
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Okay, I want somebody to shake my landlord into the opinion that yes, I AM a good cat owner, and no, I will NOT ruin his apartment, and no, those aren't cats I have... they're just... uh, really big hamsters. Yeah.

Because I'd adopt... ehh.. three. I think I can take three more cats... One of those pretty tux kitties... or another tabby... or... oh, if it goes "mew", I'll take it!
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Because I'd adopt... ehh.. three. I think I can take three more cats... One of those pretty tux kitties... or another tabby... or... oh, if it goes "mew", I'll take it!

Sounds like sometime in your future you'll have more cats!
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Yeah, pretty much

I'm a crazy cat lady in training!
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Great job to you and Prettyboy, and good pics! Hope they all find a loving home. I love seeing those bright inquisitive eyes. Big Momma looks like a grown-up version of Thalia with that half black half orange face!
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Some bad news, Honey has a Hernia from being spayed, and is going to need surgery. I'm pretty sure after surgery she should be ok and healed, but this is delaying her going up for adoption. I'm pretty sure Prettyboy is going to pay for the surgery, right now she is finding out prices but after the whole ordeal we had getting her and all the bad stuff happening in between, Honey deserves a chance at life. I want to thank Prettyboy for being generous and helping out.
And Honey is really being a trooper, she has been through so much in a month and she still loves people.
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honey had her surgery and is doing good. actually we are not sure
how she got her hernia. it is possible that she got it due to my not
knowing that you should not have a cat bathed after being spayed.
when i brought honey to the vet to be tested for aids/luk after her
spay, she peed and pooped in the carrier.

and even though the vet had known previously that she had been fixed
and vaccinated and that i was bringing her there to be tested and boarded
overnight, they forgot on the day i brought her there as i got there
right before closing and i did not even thing to mention it again since
it had nothing to do with her being tested.

since she peed/pooped in the carrier, i was afraid the rescue was going
to say ....take her back she smells... so i asked them to bath her the
next day which they did. they had a kid that works there do it and i guess
he did not notice or know about not washing a spayed cat ?

then i picked her up the next day and since she was negative i brought
her back to the rescue.

then they called me a couple of days later and said it felt like she had
a hernia.

the vet said that he felt she was probably prone to get a hernia because
had we re-released her outside that within hours she probably would have
been jumping fences etc., and it would have happened then.

so i don't know ? i feel really bad that she had to go through a second
surgery. due to my lack of knowledge.

i called the vet today and they said she is doing fine and i can pick her
up whenever and bring her back to the rescue with her antibiotics and
that she should probably be on cage rest for another week and then it
would be okay for her to be let out in the cat room.
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So good to hear it went ok, good thing she was not released outside, you made a good judgement, she could of died then if she was outside. Things happen for a reason I guess.

Thanks for the update.
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Honey is now up for adoption! Scroll to the bottom of the page at this link!
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Honey was adopted September 12th! She was adopted by a young male lawyer.
Thats all I know if I find out anything else I will post.
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