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Bad Cat Breath

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Can someone help me how to cure my cat's bad breath? My daughter keeps complaining about it.
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How old is your cat? If we're talking a kitten around 5 months, the bad breath is probably due to losing baby teeth. My Chay smelled absolutely awful at that time.

For an older cat, if you can do a vet visit to check his/her teeth, I would recommend that. Try to pick up a pet toothbrush and some animal toothpaste at the vet's or a pet store if there's one in the area. You would just brush his/her teeth with the special toothbrush and toothpaste like a human's. It takes some getting used to, but hopefully that would help with the smell.
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Bad breath can also be a sign of very serious illness, such as chronic renal failure. Our dear Penelope had the breath of a demon before she died of kidney failure. Her teeth were perfectly fine.

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Probably that would be the reason because my kitten is still 6 months old.

Thank you Sandtigress and pennicat!
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Be sure to get pet toothpaste -- don't brush your cat's teeth with human toothpaste. Human toothpaste contains flouride, which is a poison. It's fine for humans because we generally spit out the toothpaste, but cats will swallow it. So due to ingesting the toothpaste, plus their much smaller body mass, the small amount of flouride in human toothpaste can be toxic. Look for pet toothpaste with enzyme action and without flouride. I use CET brushes & toothpaste myself and they've worked very well for me and my cats. Nice teeth, nice breath.
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Thanks for the information coaster!
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You're welcome!!
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