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Somethings wrong with him!

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Ok, brief overview of the cat before I get into whats wrong.

We found him Dec 2005, couldn't have been a few months old and SKINNY. You could count his ribs skinny. So I took him in the house, kept him away from other cats incase there was something wrong with him and fed him for a few days. His butt hole was poked out a bit because he was constipated and pooping black from the crap he was eating. After a few days he got better and was like all the other cats. Very loving and playful. Normal poop.

This last week he's been coughing, puking every now and then after he eats and its a LOT of food that comes out. Almost seems like too much for him to eat. His butt hole is swollen and a little bit red and he licks it a lot. I've seen a few spots around the house where it looks like he couldn't hold in his poop or something. Like it seeps out when hes laying down or something.

I can't take him to the vet until I get paid. What do you think is wrong with him?! What can I do to help him?
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Sounds like the only thing that you can do to help him would be to take him to the vet as soon as possible. He has got to be so uncomfortable.

Sending good vibes

keep us posted!
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Has he been using the litter box normally? Perhaps he's constipated again.
Make sure he's getting plenty of liquids, perhaps give him some canned plain pumpkin, and some wet food also. My pukers are less likely to puke with wet than with dry. They sometimes eat it too fast and it upsets their tummies.
With all the puking you want to keep him hydrated.
How is his personality? Is he hiding, lethargic, sleeping a lot, grumpy? If you press on his tummy gently does it seem to be tender?
I have found that personality can really indicate a serious problem and can seperate out the tummy ache from the "get thee too a vet!".
Good luck! I hope he feels better soon.

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He stay outside most of the time - he comes in during the day when its hot out but we are at work so don't know what he does. He's always hated his stomach to be touched so nothing new there. He hasn't been hiding or any more grumpy then normal.

I talked to my husband about it this afternoon and we are going to call the vet for an appointment first thing in the morning. Hopefully they will have something open. It comes at a bad time because tomorrow is supposed to be my first day back at work. (I work at a school and we were off for the summer)

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Cats should only be outdoors if watched and leashed properly. He might have worms or something
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As for Mighty Mouse; we took him to the vet this morning and they said that he has a slight bowel infection. So they gave him a shot and dropper bottle of... I forget the name now, anyway, we are supposed to give him a dropper full twice a day for 5 days. If he isn't any better after that we are to bring him back in with a stool sample.

So we are going to keep him in the house for a week and see how it goes. He hates being locked up though so its going to be interesting.
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Poor baby! So glad you took him to the vet, though. Hope the meds work and that being cooped up isn't too difficult on him (and you).

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A bowl infection? What exactly did they say? He has colitis? What meds are you giving him?
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thanks stephanie!

they said he had an infection in his bowels... as for the meds I forget what he said it was, but on the bottle it says, Albon Susp 1/2 oz
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