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Originally Posted by arie85 View Post
I know a place not far away in Jersey where if someone would encounter a such case and won't get an apology, the owner will see his dogs dead on the next day, just like in a movie though this is real haha

and I better not talk about it

Wish I knew were the place was- would'nt be ther anymore... guaranteed

Anyways, back to reality:

That is just awful your neighbor is soo irresponsible I agree, I would surely take them to court. People like that need to be hit, in the pocketbook that is
Hope your bite heals up nicely. And I really hope that poor dog finds a better home- both of them for that matter. As you said the other one was in the same state of mind- what PATHETIC people! jeez!
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Originally Posted by Tiger1206 View Post
Thanks everyone for you well wishes

Luckily my kids didn't see it happen (I have 3) but they did hear the screaming and saw the aftermath. They now will not go outside at all, not even in the fully fenced in back yard because they are still so scared. My 8 year old is a HUGE animal lover, but told me last night, he never ever wants a big dog
If you want to make him understand not all dogs are like that take them to a local dog park and explain to them its all in the owners and let them meet some sweet big dogs (like danes) but of course take it slow and thats only if you want him to not feel scared around all large dogs.

And I kinda agree to take pepper spray with you to the mailbox if the dog does come back. The better thing to do would be go to a pet store and buy some Directstop. Its a citronella spray and what we you at work for emergencies only. Its pepper spray for dogs, they hate citronella and you spray it directly into the nose and eyes and it will stop almost all dogs. I know they sell it at petsmart and petedge.com

I'm sorry you got bit! I hate owners like that, they make me sick... I hope you heal soon! And hopefully something will be done. Good luck
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that is truly awful. I hope you heal quickly.

My sister got bit by a neighborhood dog when she was little. She still doesn't like dogs. Not that I blame her. the worst part was the dog that did it bit several other people and nothing was done about it. It was a dog that was kept on a tie-out and routinely got loose.
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Im glad you are ok, attacks are scary. I was bit in the face by my aunts wolf (yeah the woman had a wild animal as a pet) and Ive been bit in the hand by a former pet of mine (little cocker spaniel)... It is very frightening and It really urks me that the neighbor didnt even show concern towards you. Those dogs should have been on a leash. I am very thankful that your son wasnt a part of the attack, as much as I hate hearing you were hurt, your child may have been worse off. I hope you get better soon sweetie!!!
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How is your leg today?
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Im' so sorry that happened to you.

I hate irresponsible owners,, He needed to be taken to jail for that.. i honestly and truly believe that.. If he doesn't have them in sight or doesn't have them on a leash,, he is responsible...

That's horrible that happened, and soo unfair,, especially if it was your younger child.. Oh horrible!!
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Oh My goodness! That steams me that the owner did not come check on you. I am so sorry you got hurt but at the same time am glad your boy was not the one against that dog.
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