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Triglycerides very high

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A friend of mine has a sick kitty right now. I don't have a ton of information, but I'll give you what I have and maybe y'all can give some insight and/or suggestions.

Started on Sunday - Happy Boy (8 years old, neutered, in good health otherwise) threw up "a lot". It started with food in it, but later episodes did not contain food, just bile. He also pooped on the floor and pee'd on her bed. Very unusual for him. She put him in a room by himself without food for the night, but gave him food again Monday morning. He ate some but not a ton.

She took him to the vet. He's lost a little weight, but not a large amount. They ran blood tests on him, and almost all levels were "high but not terribly concerning" except for his triglycerides. Those were around 400, whereas normal would be around 45. :shock: They did take a fecal sample and it did contain some blood but was filled with bacteria. The vet did rule out kidney issues and did not mention anything about the liver. He is on antibiotics for a week and she will take him back to redo the blood tests.

The only thing out of the ordinary is that Happy Boy did catch a mouse, but did not eat it, a full week before he showed any symptoms of being ill.

Any thoughts or ideas? And of course, vibes for his return to good health would be appreciated.
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All I know about triglycerides is that it is fat cells in the blood that can be caused by diabtes in humans. Could he possibly be having a bout of pancreatitis? I'm just guessing.

I can certainly send some healthy,healing vibes his way!!
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