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Headband with Bangs? Fashion Advice?

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I am very fashion-challenged and need advice. I'm starting a new job in about a week and need to dress nicely for the first time ever. My question is: can I wear a headband if I have bangs? I'm looking for more options than my standard hair down/hair in a ponytail to add to my repertoire, but am pretty clueless about this whole thing.

Any other fashion advice for a professional workplace would be appreciated if you have anything to offer!
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You can darn well wear anything you like! The tyranny of fashion serves only to make some people feel inferior on the irrelevant basis of appearance.

However. I do understand your desire to feel comfortable in your new job, and since a lot of people do pay attention to what's "in style," you might want to make an effort to blend in... even though you shouldn't have to.

So... sure, I think a headband looks cute with bangs! But considering how I feel about fashion... I wouldn't trust my advice one iota!

Perhaps someone else... almost anyone else... would be better equipped to advise you.
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As someone who has many, many, many headbands...... It seems like they are making a comeback-just don't where the stretchy ones to work.
I wore them when I had bangs!!
Do you have any of those big hair clips that you can wear your hair up in????
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head bands, like the plastic ones? like from the 80's? Are those making a comeback?

I'm a stay @ home mom... I don't get out... I don't know what's IN.
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I like the cloth head bands. You go girl, you'll look great
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I have no clue about fashion. I tend to not follow all that. Plus I don't have bangs either. But I think headbands and bangs would be just ok.
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I've recently (as in the past few days) have seen people wearing them with bangs, without bangs. I didn't know they were making a comeback either. I remember wearing the stretchy ones when I was in grade school back in the 70's. Personally, I think they look really nice with bangs.
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Hey, it just occurred to me -- I do beading, and I've recently seen a lot of wire headbands designed for bead embellishment showing up in the shops. So maybe they are in style! Who knew?
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