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I feel so horrible!!!

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Ok, long story short: I adopted out 2 of Bestia's kittens(my cat had kittens lsat year in August) to the same woman when they were 12 weeks old. She ended up returning on ecat, Cleo, because her little boy kep getting bit by her(he was pulling her tail). Then, a couple months later she returned the other cat, Zoey.

Well, I live in a 1-bedroom apartment and already have 2 cats, 5 ferrets, and 2 sugar gliders, so I'm packed already. So, I found new homes for Zoey and Cleo.

Before I adopted both of them out I had both new owners come over so I could meet with them and get to know them, ask them questions, etc...Well, with Cleo's new owner I asked if she would declaw Cleo. She said "no", so I didn't worry. Both cats were in their new homes and I was very happy(as were the new owners).

I emailed the new owners to see how things were going and today Cleo's new meowmy emailed me back and said that Cleo was in the vet's office and that she had just gotten her declawed!!!!!!

I'm so pissed and I feel so bad for my poor Cleo baby! I feel like I betrayed her! I'm bawling my eyes out as I type this cause I feel so guilty!

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Oh yeah, Cleo is in my siggy. See that face? How could anybody want to hurt that?
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That is not nice, I would be mad too,
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That's awful! That's why I always have adopters sign a contract that states they cannot ever declaw. And there's a $750 breach of contract fee and immediate return of the cat if I ever find out the cat has been declawed.
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First thing this is not your fault! You did the best to get these kitties a good home.

Second you need to e-mail this person and tell her in no uncertain terms how you feel and what you think about her.

Third give me her e-mail address and I will tell her what I think.
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oh what a horible person to do such a thing. Its not your fault that this happened. You wernt to know that she was lieing to you.
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