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I am a bad meowmie

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So we have a stash of money set aside for Karma, in case of emergencies. We were expecting a check for payment on a web site to come today and well it didn't. I don't get paid till tomorrow and well we need to eat and get a few necesities.

I HAD TO STEAL MONEY FROM KARMA! I feel so bad taking her money, its only $20 but it is still hers. I feel like I just stole money out of my kids piggy bank. I will replace it when I get paid but I still feel bad about it.

I am such a bad meowie right now. I really need to make it up to her.
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Don't feel bad, you will replace it. I've done when my husband got hurt and was off work, I borrowed from my daughter's bank account, I paid her back and a little extra.
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Don't feel bad. Karma doesn't mind if you borrow her long as you pay it back with interest.
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I sure Karma will give you some pretty good banking terms!!
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AWE... don't feel bad. I'm sure Karma is more than happy to help

Besides... when you pay her back... just replace it, PLUS a nice lil' catnip toy if that will make you feel better
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I'm telling Karma, you are in big trouble now.
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Think of it this way. If you didn't have food, you wouldn't be able to eat. If you weren't able to eat then, know...and Karma would be out on the streets fending for herself. So, I really don't think she minds. She will love the extra attention she gets tonight because of your guilty conscence!
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I am quite sure Karma doesnt care meowmy!! She wouldnt want you to be hungry.

And plus, you are going to give it back!!
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Karma wants her people to be happy and fed too. I'm sure if she could she would tell you so.
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Does Karma charge interest? j/k You gotta do what you can to get by....
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LOL Karma is a loan shark, you borrowed $20 now you must pay back $50

Sometimes though, you do need to do that, nobody holds it against you.
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