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All of the kittens are doing great! They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and are getting around VERY well already! They are very aware of their surroundings and I'm beginning to see which are more independent!

All black boy. He is beginning to respond to my voice and will actually crawl towards me when I walk in the room!

Ritzie. This little girl has been adopted and will be joining her new family in another 10 weeks or so!

Black and White Girl. She is very vocal and also the smallest of the litter!

Simba. I call him this because the white goes all the way around his neck, almost like a mane.

Black and White Boy. This baby is HUGE! He will actually crawl towards me and into my hand as well. (What could be the reason for the spots around his nose?)
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What sweet little babies.
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I have some pictures of the whole family. The kittens have gotten pretty active and are starting to play with one another. They are also very aware now and I love walking into the bathroom and having a couple of them walk over to me!


The all back boy is still down low nursing:

Happy Momma:

The Tabby (?) Markings All but the White Have (This guy, Simba, has the most. The others' stripes are mostly on their heads):
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Awwwwwwwww, where do you live so I can come over and catnap them all!
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Very cute babies and momma!!
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What cute little furbabies.
Cookie is adorable.
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I missed most of this thread but am on here DAILY!! Your kittens really have grown. Isn't it amazing how quickly they advance through development.

Keep it coming!!!
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My other little girl has found a home today! She will love it there (when she is old enough). They will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday and have a couple teeth already. Should I go ahead and start weaning them?
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My vet suggested I introduce them to dry food at 3 weeks. They are now 5 weeks today and eat it quite happily. At first they would just smell it and crowd around Ziggy when she was eating it
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