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Not listening!!! Driving me crazy

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Hello everyone. I have 6 cats and just moved into a new apartment. It is bigger then my old apartment and a lot more natural light and the cats are doing great.
I have a serious problem with 2 of my cats. One I have had for two years (he is 2.5 years) and the other since he was born (he is 1.5 years old). They both do not listen to me!
The 2.5 year old usually is really good at listening to me but at my new apartment there is plastic covering some of the windows in the inside. He has made 2 huge holes in the plastic and will not stop destroying it to get into the windows. I have gotten on him and I understand he wants in the windows but he has more open windows now then he did in my old apartment! I have to replace the plastic now, which isn't a big deal, but it is VERY annoying.
The 1.5 yr old does stuff right in front of me when he knows he isnt suppose to be doing it. He drives me insaine. I sorta think he is doing it for attention but he really needs to stop. He just does anything for attention. I have posted about him before and was told he is just being a kitten, but he is older now. His brother, who I have also had since birth, is such a great cat, never gets in trouble. Their mother, who I also have, listen to me and doesnt get in trouble either.
They all get A LOT of attention and about the same amount for each of them. All my cats hardly get in trouble, if at all get in trouble, but those 2!
Sorry this was so long! Thanks in advance.

PS. I have tried the spray bottle (the momma cat is scared to death and i was told not to use it anymore), acting like a cat and giving them a bite on the neck, telling them no, clapping my hands and making loud sounds.
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Also, not a big deal I was just curious, I have seen other cats do this. The only cat of mine that does this is the 1.5 yr old I spoke about in my msg right above this, why does he like sitting/laying in his litterbox???? So weird.
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The problem of the 2.5 year old and the plastic can be solved by spraying some "cat deterrent" solution on the plastic. On the other hand, you can try positive training if you have the time. Cats are very stubborn and persistent but can be persuaded with lots of patience.
As for the 1.5 year old, he is a teenager. Still mischievous and somehow eager to prove himself in the "pecking" order of the colony. I have 5 of those and I noticed that they tend to provoke the older cats to submit (quite unsuccessfully ) With me, they sometimes act deaf to my "orders". They know what is not allowed but once in a while misbehave. They recognize my NO, hiss and loud stomping. I just do it everytime and they always listen. It's like a reminder that I am still the alpha and nothing will change it.
BTW, the litterbox thing may be another temporary phase. Or he may just like the feel of the litter (my 13+ year old did it until I found out she was feeling cold in the cool season).
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And to think I thought Barkley was the only "bad" cat in the world. Your two sound just like him. For Barkley, I think he likes to challenge my authority at times because as you said about your two, he will do things purposely that he knows outright is untolerable behavior. Then when I tell him NO in a stern voice or clap my hands together, etc he will stop for a few seconds, turn his head, look at me as if to say "why are you making all this racquet" and then turn back around and go right back to his bad behavior. He doesnt do these things all the time but on the occasions when he does I have to intervene atleast a good three times before he gets the message that Im being serious with him and want him to stop.

I feel your pain, this has been an ongoing issue with Barkley since I first adopted him back in '04 and he is 4 years old now. On occasion he will attempt to provoke Petunia into engaging in certain behavior with him and sometimes she will but she is 6 years old and a lot more calmer, and once I tell her to stop or say "NO" she immediately stops with no other problems. I wish things were that easy with Barkley. I know some on here might remember my threads about Barkley's taking of Amitriptyline but that didnt work either to calm his "acting out". He has improved somewhat but some days are definitely worse than others. I will pray that you find a solution soon, I know how nerve racking it can be to have a cat that doesnt listen. Good luck!
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thank you for your help!! it takes my 1.5 yr old more then 3 or 4 times to get him to stop doing naughty stuff! he is terrible!!! but omG he is sooooo cute it's hard to be mad at him lol . i do stay stern on my punishment though. i guess ill just have to wait til he gets out of his stage.
i have stuff in front of the windows now so there is no way they can get to the plastic for now until i can put up curtains and seal it up.
thank you again for all ur help!!
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Oh I can see what I have to look forward to...my girls turned 5 mo old 2 weeks ago and are starting to become little hellions. Last night I found one on the kitchen table eating the left over shrimp that had been made for dinner. After I disciplined her, she went right back to continue eating it.
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One thing I have noticed about Barkley is that he goes through a lot of phases, where he will be rambunctious to nowhere's end for a few days straight, causing Petunia and I to want to seek other living arrangements and then he settles down for a few days. On those days where he refuses to listen to anything I say and is a hellion on four paws, getting into everything in the house, I really have to take a deep breathe because those days are the most nerve racking.

Sometimes when Petunia gets really annoyed with his behavior she will come to me and "rat" him out and then he looks to retaliate against her (to no avail though ) causing even more disciplinary problems at times. He was a good boy yesterday though, he laid around and slept for most of the day. Petunia and I really enjoy those days the most!
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Most cats are all about "what's in it for me?" and some are more so than others. Give them an alternative that they find better than the one where they are misbehaving and you can usually turn them around pretty quickly.

For example, if one of them is scratching the plastic in the window, put a tall cat condo in front of it and wrap it in sisul for him to scratch. When you see him in the window, give him the "NO" then place him on the condo and rub his paws on the sisul. Then give him a treat. He'll learn to prefer the post over the window if he knows he gets more pleasure from it.

Sometimes you just have to be creative, but redirecting their behavior works far better than simply telling them NO to a behavior, particularly with those in their rambunctious teen age years (your 1.5 year old).
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