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Rabbit toys

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I am planning on bringing the little ones home on friday .. I have looked at "commercial " rabbit toys and NO SURPRISE many of them look dangerous to a bunny... Any toy ideas ... so far toliet rolls with hay is my only one
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Parrot toys. Mine liked wooden bird toys with a bell on them to chew and push around.

Cardboard boxes to play in and lay in.

A old phone book to dig through and tear up.

Stuffed animals (my male had to have a stuffed animal in with him at all times...they were his girlfriends. )

Thats all I can think of for now. I havn't had them in a while.
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Oh I just wanted to add that if you go to they have a list of toy ideas there too. Its a good site and was a big help when I had mine.
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Every rabbit I have ever met has loved to run around rolling a children's lightweight plastic football (ie. soccer ball) in front of them. They are too big for the rabbit to be able to get his mouth around so there's no danger from chewing, and light enough for even a small rabbit to have fun with.
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I was going to suggest a ball too
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the only thing my bunny is interested in as far as toys are those baby keys, he loves to toss them when i put them in front of him. Sharky...don't
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My bun loved cat balls with bells in them. Just make sure they are enclosed, and not the "cage" kind where you can see the ball. Also, any kind of paper. Be careful of newspaper or check and see what kind of print is used.

I actually got a little pillow and put it in her space for her to sleep on, and she spent HOURS digging at that thing! She never tore it, but it helped her satisfy her digging instinct. She would get really upset when I took it out to be washed.
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Congrats on getting bunnies! I rarely buy toys in pet stores for mine. If I do, they're from the bird and cat aisles instead. Shredders are fun, as are hanging wooden parrot toys with bells. Avoid leather and rope please, but sisal is ok for them to chew on. Plastic cat toys with bells are classic, as are hard plastic baby keys and rattles.

I buy small, untreated grapevine wreaths from Hobby Lobby, 5 for $1, whee! Untreated wooden discs with holes in them for stringing up, also cheap from hobby stores. Untreated willow balls from Pier 1, super cheap too. Untreated grass mats and wicker baskets from where ever I can find them: Pier 1, dollar stores, hobby stores, Walmart, etc.

I make a lot of toys, including hanging toys, balsa toys (balsa is lots of fun to chew!), cardboard toilet paper tubes and paper lunch bags stuffed with hay, etc.

Here's a great list of cheap, fun rabbit toys:
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Thank you .... that has alot of stuff I have at home... FINALLY a use for junk mail
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Yup, ever seen the bunny letter opener video?

I toss old newspapers in a corner or in a box, and let the buns dig around in them. It's a classic.
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Originally Posted by Naturestee View Post
Yup, ever seen the bunny letter opener video?

I toss old newspapers in a corner or in a box, and let the buns dig around in them. It's a classic.
OHhh MY MY ... that had me ROFL .... nope I had not seen that
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