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Firefighters save 6 cats from blaze!

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I just saw this in my local news online. There's even an action shot!

Yaaay, firefighters!!!
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That is awesome!!!
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A \t to the Firefighters!! \t
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Good job firefighters!

I love the action shots, espesaly the bottom picture of the kitty yelling out the window.

I am so glad no one got hurt.
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Yay! They all got out okay but I hope that 6th one turns up soon. The poor owner must be freaking out right now about her poor babies!
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Finally a feel good story on the news! That's great Betsy...thanks for posting.
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That's awesome Betsy thanks for posting that...Awww that one looked like Joey too
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That's great, I hope they find the kitty that ran away.

WTG firefighters!
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They deserve medals!
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What a awesome job!!!
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Amazing! Yeah firefighters!!
We all know how hard to find and handle a scared kitty can be let alone 6 of them!!
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Awwwww what a wonderful guy!!! I would hug him if he were here right now!!!!
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Originally Posted by Paulena View Post
A \t to the Firefighters!! \t
I second that!
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Great story! I bet those kitties were terrified. I hope the 6th one turns up soon. Let us know if you hear anything Betsy!
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Thats a great articleThank you for bringing such a happy event for us to brighten up our day(although that kitty hanging out the window looked more scared of the firefighteraww bless..they just dont know do they)

Well done guys/gals
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wow cool
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for the firemen who risked their lives to save these babies
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