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Hiding spots at work?

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This kind of cracks me up (even though I have one too).

One lady I work with is in a cubical. The last couple of days she has been using her cell phone and going into the furnace room next to me to talk to whomever.

The downside is, I can basically hear enough through these paper thin walls to know who she's talking too. I know her call is private (since she's behind a closed door) and I wouldn't do anything to say "Oh I know what you said" cause I'm just not like that.

However it did crack me up. Cause I have my own hiding spot incase I have a private conversation. I didn't know others had it too. Mine is a small room behind a conference room that no one hardly goes into.

Do you have one?
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I use to go into the back hallway or up to the bathroom. The back hallway no one went into unless you had to go to the compressor. Downside was it was loud!
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I work in a very small office so I don't have to hide to talk. But if I don't want my boss's listening to what I'm saying- I walk outside.

BTW: When my boss wants to talk privately he goes into the bathroom? He announces it to me as well, telling me that he's going in for a "meeting". LOL
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I am lucky because I have an office that is pretty much sound proof. The door however is sliding glass so if my co-workers see me on the phone they assume it is business and will not interrupt me.
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There are three of us Team Leaders, and although our own desks are out in the main office, which is huge ad open plan and integrated , we also have our own little private office for reviews, disciplinary procedures etc. It is great - it's referred to as the 'Naughty Corner' cos it is where everyone goes when they get a telling off!! Nice and private though, and always the place to go for a quiet moment.
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I've got my own office so i'm ok, but a couple use my fax room to talk on their mobiles
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Well, I work out of my home office, so I talk whenever and wherever I want. BUT I do have a phone story. Sishya (see siggy) LOVES it when I'm on the phone, and she comes running from wherever she's been when I'm taking a call. She goes into this whole routine of "dry mews", rubbing, posturing with her tail up in the air, purring, the whole nine, just like she's in heat. (She's fixed, of COURSE.) Why? Because I used to get a lot of calls from my now-ex-husband and she LOVES him, for some unknown-to-me reason. By "LOVES", I mean, like a female cat loves a male cat!!!
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Originally Posted by mybabyphx View Post
BTW: When my boss wants to talk privately he goes into the bathroom? He announces it to me as well, telling me that he's going in for a "meeting". LOL
One department has something similar as well....they have one of the business phones in their bathrooms which they call "The Lounge"
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I'm in a cubicle and I have a coworker nearby who doesn't even hide the fact that she listens in on every conversation she can! She'll even come and comment to you about it. So, yes, I have a hiding spot...down in our corporate archives. Our archivist only works three days a week (and he's always late and leaves early) so it's usually abandoned.
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I used to just go borrow an office since my office at the last job consisted of a corner in the classroom.

My favorite was how my students (all adults) knew they were not to take calls during class time unless it was an emergency and they let one of us know. And we always let them take the emergency calls so I don't know why, but every few months someone would try to sneak into the bathroom and use their cell! I know this because those bathrooms were essentially little rooms built into the classroom and only amplified your personal business!!! Be it on the phone or that kind of business! Imagine the looks on their faces when everyone heard all their business!

My favorite though was a girl who decided to have recess in the bathroom not knowing we could hear. She was splashing water in the sink (I assume!) and making noises like "WhhOOOOOooooOOOiiieeeeeeee!" and having conversations with herself and I think some imaginary friends in a kid like voice! It seriously went on for like a half hour. It was so bad my boss put a chair outside the bathroom door and just had a seat waiting for her to come out! Every student I had was having the most difficult time not laughing and then keeping a straight face when she came out. Poor thing.
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Your cats are adorable, so is your siggy, and I LOVE Tailer's name, not to mention his WHISKERS!!!
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
Your cats are adorable, so is your siggy, and I LOVE Tailer's name, not to mention his WHISKERS!!!
Awww, thank you! When we first rescued him as a tiny kitten his most noticible features were his incredibly long tail, his plentiful supply of whiskers, and his amazingly bad breath. You have no idea how close he came to being named "halitosis".
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Awww. Hopefully a visit to the dentist changed all that for the better? btw, there is a liquid one can buy and add to drinking water to help cats' teeth and gums -- there are various brands, available at all the usual places.

Tailer is adorable! (All three of your three are, of course!) And one of the reasons I love his name is that someone recently referred to my L.B.T.C. (Little Black Talking Cat, who's now BIG Black Talking Cat, affectionately referred to as Talker) as "Taylor" -- and that made me laugh, thinking of his powerful, long tail, which he holds at a "sharky" angle and which gives him his nickname, Sharky...)
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I have my own office so it isn't a big deal for me and I do close the door the the adjoining office when I am on the phone to anyone as they can be noisy
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Oh my goodness, I am famous for sneaking off to the bathroom.
It's my hide-out.
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