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3 week old kitten's cold is getting worse =(

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Hey everyone, I am starting to get concerned about my little 3 week old kitten, Tango. His brother, Musashi, and him both went to the vet on Monday for a check up. The vet said Tango did have a small cold, as he was sneezing and had some snot up his nose, but he said not to worry about it since it was not severe. Since then, starting late last night, I noticed Tango is getting worse. He is more congested, sneezes more often, has some snot dripping out of his nose, and has a slight loss of appetite. I just called me vet and they advised me to just keep an eye on him and if he gets worse to bring him in tomorrow. Does this sound safe? Should I bring him in immediately? I have been weighing him, and he has not lost weight. He's about 15.5oz. He is still playful at times, but not as much as he was on Monday when this was a less severe cold. Since last night, he appears to be a little weak and lethargic.

How concerned should I really be? I mean, other than this recent illness he has been great. eating, growing, playing, and learning at a normal rate.

Also, is there any treatment I can give him you would suggest? Should i suck the snot out of his nose to help his breathing? If so, what should i get to do it? Is there any cold medicine i can buy for kittens at petco? Anything, please let me know.

Thanks. I hope my baby is OK.

-Padawan, worried mom
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I'm no expert, that's for sure. But since nobody else has answered.....

Any cat I've ever had with the snorfly nose and goopy eyes, the vet always puts them on antibiotics for a URI. I am one to not over medicate if at all necessary, but I've yet to have a kitten/cat who just had "a cold" that didn't turn out to be a URI, that cleared up nicely with antibiotics.

At 3 weeks old, they're so young, so susceptable to "things". Weakness and lethargy are always cause for concern.

I'd be gettin' the little guy to the vet. Whether you do it now or take the advice of your vet and wait til tomorrow I guess depends on how much you trust your vet's advice, and whether or not YOU think it is ok to wait.....Trust your gut.
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I'm no expert, either, but I agree w/ Crazybird. It sounds like URI to me also. I think I would contact a different vet, and get your kitten in to see him/her ASAP! She probably needs to be put on antibiotics, and the sooner, the better. If it IS URI, it could become deadly. I wouldn't wait too long if it were me.

I will be sending good vibes your way!

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I'd at least be calling the vet and asking for medication since he was just there on Monday and he noticed the cold. Not sure if a full-fledged visit is needed.

In the meantime, if you can confine him, put a vaporizer on (just like you'd do for a baby with a head cold) in the room. If you don't have a vaporizer, turn the shower on and get the bathroom nice and steamy. Turn the shower off and let him stay in the steamy bathroom.

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well we went to the vet today. Tango had a fever of 103.something and was diagnosed with an URI. The vet put some saline up his nose to help clear it out and also prescribed some antibiotics (liquid clavamox) for 7 days. He says he is not dehydrated so that is good, and that he should be back to normal in a week. I am hoping so.

Tango had his first dosage today around 3:30pm and he seems to have alittle more energy tonight, as he attempts to play but is still weak.

I am concerned though. Tango is not eating like he should be. He only consumes about half a tablespoon (1/4oz) of formula every 4 - 5 hours. He weighs .9 lbs so he should be eating much more. Should I force him to eat more? or just let him take as much as he likes? He doesnt appear to be uncomfortable, nor does he cry for food like he does when he is hungry.

Thanks again for all your help! And for sending the good vibes our way! I think he is a fighter and will make it through OK. =)
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He's probably not eating as much because he's stuffed up and can't smell his food. If a cat can't smell the food, he won't eat. Also, with a temp that high, he doesn't have as much energy to eat the food. (Think about how little energy you have when you're sick and all you want to do is lay around.) Find the stinkiest wet food you can find and heat it up for about 15 sec. in the microwave to intensify the aroma. That might entice him to eat. Also, you might need to feed him more frequently. You can also try tuna juice added to food. If worse comes to worse, you can get some stage 2 baby food (chicken or turkey or veal) WITHOUT onions &/or garlic and see if he'll eat that.

Did you vet prescribe any L-Lysine to help boost your kitty's immune system? If not and he doesn't seem all better by next week, ask for some. It comes in a paste-gel like concoction that your cat can lick off your finger.

To help loosen the snot, try the steaming and/or vaporizer treatments. It really does help. My little Hannah spent the first 6 weeks of her life here with us confined in a room with a vaporizer!

Did the vet tell you that URIs are extremely contagious and to keep an eye on your other cat? After interacting and handling Tango, be sure to wash your hands before touching your other cat(s).

Keep us posted on Tango's progress!

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