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Ziggy's babies UPDATE

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I'm going to use this thread to let you know whats going on with my kitties, so here goes.

When they were 2 days old, I realised they all has fleas!! Well, it's under control, I've used frontline on Ziggy and bought a house spray. I've been combing the kittens every night since I found out.

Well, the vet said they could treat the babies to get rid of their fleas!! Woo Hoo, so I'm booked in for Friday, which is the soonest I could because of work.

Well, Lola, (the little black and white one) was renamed because my neighbour has decided to have her. She also started to open her eyes - isn't this a bit early? And so did Pixie (tortie and white) The boys aren't yet.

Diego is definately the biggest and probably always will be. He was the biggest born and the last, and Ziggy seemed to struggle a bit.

Anyway, thats all for now,

Gonna go take some pictures
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One of my boy kittens started to open his eyes at four days old - actually it was only one eye and it was just a slit but he could blink well. I was afraid it had been pulled open during a nursing spat, but was told on here that some kittens just open up early. The other boy in the litter was the last to open up, he didn't start until day 11 and it took him 3 days to be fully open. They'll be three weeks tomorrow and all eyes are now open and fine. Just don't use the flash on your camera for a few days or you'll dazzle the little darlings. =)
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So here are the pictures:



Link and Diego together:

The only picture of Pixie I could get:


My precious Mummy Cat Ziggy:

Link has begun to open his eyes now, Lola has one fully open and one a little small, Pixi's right eye is almost there, and my Baby Diego I deperately trying to copy his older Brother and Sisters
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Kittens can start opening eyes as young as 4-5 days old up to about 14 days old. Most of my rex kittens started at 5 days old and all were open by 7-8 days old.
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They are now ALL opening their eyes, they are only six days old.

I have a concern... Link appears to have a balding patch on his face, could this just be from fitting over a nipple with Pixie? (Those two love to fight)

Diego seems a little inactive at the moment, hope he's okay.

I love watching them, they are growing so fast, and getting quite good at moving around, they don't 'drag' themselves around so much anymore.

Picturs of today will be coming soon.
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Congratulation on your kittens, they are all very cute !
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No more Fleas woooooooo hooooooooo,

camera has broken, so no more pics til i can borrow my mums.

They are growing so quick though, I can't believe it
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So tiny and so cute! Beautiful babies!
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