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Our furry family is beginning to shrink quite a bit now. Most of the kittens we decided not to keep have already gone to their new homes. We're down to only nine kittens now, it seems so strange! One of the "bottle babies" (still call them that even though they're fully weaned now), Annabelle, has already gone to her new home. She was doing so well and the woman is very experienced with kittens so I went ahead and let her go. The other little girl, Chili, already has a home lined up when she's ready to leave. I didn't get any pictures of her or Sebastian because they were sleeping and I wanted them to stay that way!

So here are the other 7 kittens... getting soooo big!

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants - will be 17 weeks old Saturday!

Garfield Hoppington IV - also will be 17 weeks on Saturday

Roxy - appr. 14-15 weeks old

Sofia - also appr. 14-15 weeks old

Woody Jr. - 10 weeks old on Saturday

Lieutenant Bear - 15 weeks old

Taco - 10 weeks on Saturday - he's on L-lysine now for his eyes, I've had him on it for 3 days now and I'm already seeing a slight improvement. But the girl that was supposed to adopt him still doesn't want him because she doesn't want a cat with "medical issues". John and I have discussed it and while I'll still try to find him a home it seems he's most likely going to end up staying here.

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They are growing up so quickly! They are just precious!!
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They are so cute and getting so big!
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I'd take Woody or Taco if I could

Will Taco have to have eye medicine his entire life or will he grow out of it?
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Awww...no fair! I would have kittens until they came out of my ears if I had the place for them and all of those are soooo cute!
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Awwww captain Squishy looks like my Tilly only Tilly has a curly tail

They're all soooooo sweet
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They are all so beautiful! I still really love captain squishy pants. If it wasn't bad timing for me, I would totally want to adopt him.

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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post

Will Taco have to have eye medicine his entire life or will he grow out of it?
We're not sure at this point. Right now it's a "try it until he gets better, then take him off of it and see if it flairs up again".
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