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Thank you for your vibes

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Thank you everyone for your vibes. My dad had a heart catheterization today and things aren't all that bad - they're bad but no worse than before.....

so he'll probably come home tomorrow or the next day. Thank you!
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More recovery vibes coming! I hope he gets to feeling better and better once he is home.
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Glad he is better. Hope he does get to come home soon.
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This is good news!!
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Awwww that's great! More healing on their way for him
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That is exellent news.....
More healing vibes for your Dad.
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Great news! Sending him lots of healing
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Keeping him in my thoughts...
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I'm glad he's sufficiently stable to be coming home soon. That will help him heal. Sending lots of for a speedy recovery, and for you.
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Great news. Sending continued healing vibes.
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