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Paint: the "tumbled stone" is GREEN!

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I'm turning the former playroom into our bedroom, and I painted the ceiling last night with the Debbie Travis "tumbled stone" color. It looked almost like pea soup!

I thought it must be the lights, and it would look better in real light in the morning. It DOES look better, because it's lighter, but it's definitely a sage green.

Here's the tumbled stone (click on "Debbie Travis" on the left side of the page):

Here's what it looks like:

I'm not repainting, so it's a good thing we like green! But I don't understand what happened. Paints are so strange.
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Wow... those are two VERY different colors. Wonder if they mis-labaled the can? I do love the green though... it almost perfectly matches our wedding green and about half of the linens in our apartment.
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The strangest thing is, when I put the swatch on the wall, it matches exactly. But when I stand back, it is absolutely green! It's painted over pale pink, which should have toned any green down even more. Oh well.
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That is an extreme difference -- very strange.

But I actually like the green better!
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maybe they meant the tumbled stone is covered in moss! it's a nice color but definitely a weird one for a ceiling
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That was supposed to be the light color. Here's the wall color:


It's hard to tell, but it's a very deep brownish green. I should have just done it all in grey like I wanted (Husband said we see grey all winter and he didn't want it in the bedroom, too).
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We just noticed that the paint looks like a taupy-beige on the floor, and the more you raise it up the greener it gets! The trim is the same color and doesn't look as green. Must be the light or something.

I'll post pics when it's done IF it looks good. Better get to work now.
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