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Need a laugh?

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Parent or not, I think we can all get a good laugh out of eBay's Auction of the Day listing.

Funniest read I've had in a while.
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We aren't parents but that is one hilarious story! What it must be like with six kids...we give her credit for doing that!

We didn't know there are stories like that on E-Bay. Thanks for sharing that, it made us laugh
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OMG that is hilarious I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, I think I'm stopping at three
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I can just see her shopping. No, wait, it might have been her that day at the egg cooler as eggs fell to the floor...
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Oh gosh! I know it's horrible shopping with one,I'd hate to imagine 6! Wow! Wonder if I can talk my daughter into letting me put her pokemon cards on Ebay?? Thanks for posting this..
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the winning bid was $142~~~
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this is why i do not bring my 3 children shopping with me lol. great post!! we do a monthly shop and no way am i taking 2 trollys and 3 kids to watch lol.
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Hilarious!! I am glad she made a little money off of that!!
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That's great! And the cards went for $142.51!!!
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They're only trading cards!
Maybe I should dig out my old collection!
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OMG, that is so funny!
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Thats too funny!! Thanks for sharing that!
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That is funny
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