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Monday DT

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Its the start of the first full week, of the new year. Hope that it gets better.

We took Pearl in, for her puppy shots. The vet confirmed that she's about 4 months old. She was SUCH a good girl - didn't even flinch! The vet says that she's got some pit bull, in her but, if we spay her quickly, the hormone-driven aggression won't kick in. She gets spayed early next month.

Bill has had a cold and was miserable, until yesterday. He was trying to tough it out but, finally, let me get him some medicine on Saturday.

I'm not sleeping well. This mess, with Mark is causing bad dreams, that wake me up several times a night. I was out on the patio, with my cigarettes, from midnight till 2:00 AM. Good thing, I don't have to work and the weather has warmed up.
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I have just gotten back from the vets, where Kahu got a clean bill of health and got started on his shots, and he is scheduled for his neutering and the rest of his shots on the 28th *gulp* He is really good and a sweetheart. I cannot stay long as Peedoodle and Kahu are eying each other up but no signs of aggression (YET!) Peedoodle is just standing there, while Kahu is walking around in circles around him, keeping his distance. Looks as if Kahu is more afraid of Peedoodle, because he has never been around another cat.

I am supposed to go out walking but will be spending time with those two furbabies and Jake has to go into school to get all his books, they were closed last friday...

Have a wonderful day and Cindy, I hope things will get better as soon as possible!
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I have about 20 min to 1/2 an hour here and then I am back to my trainees. They are getting orientation now and soon it is back to cracking the whip! Really - they will do well. I may only be able to drop by for 1/2 an hour a day until Friday, because I am leading this trainig and then VACATION! I can't wait! Sunday, Jan 12 I fly to Mexico (as long as my MIL is out of the hospital and doing better). I have been so stressed lately that I really need this time soaking up the sun.

I apologize if I don't get to post to all of threads.

My trainees are back - gotta go!
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Ahh.... a windy night is finally over.....

We had wind gusts 55mph+ last night.
We are still without power (at home, I'm at work now!)
I called Edison and they hope to have power regained in 48 hours~~


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I can't believe I slept my weekend away! I was working on a project and really over did myself!Monday has picked up at work. It's like a blizzard outside! It won't quit snowing. I'm really freaking out about my finances. I'm so broke I can't even pay attention! My holiday bills are starting to pile up! I just shelled out $504.00 for my rent and about $300.00 for my car. I have been off work for 2 weeks on Christmas break. My next pay check is going to be really small. I still have yet to pay my gas and electric bill! Plus I'm going to L.A. for a business trip! For the next week I'll be eating Macaroni and Cheese!
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Nenners, There's something even less expensive. Ramen noodle soup. 6 for a dollar on special! Oh, you're getting the lake effect snow. I'm in SW PA, so Ohio's weather hits us, but not as hard. We have a couple of inches on the ground. We had school delays, though.

Cindy, you're just talking us all into flying down to Arizona. I'm warning you! Oh, how I hate cold weather.

Adrienne, Hurry up and train that gang so you can do important things, like posting!

Kellye, don't worry about the neutering. That usually goes very smoothly. He might give you dirty looks for a while, but that's all!

Lheeeza! That sounds like a hurricane! You know you have ideal weather in Orange county.

The whole family was here for a combined Christmas/New Year's celebration on Saturday. Loads of kids, lots of toys, lots of noise. I was worn out on Sunday, but we had a great day.
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I just gave Kahu a bath, at least he cannot hear the hairdryer so there was no problem drying him! But the hardest moment was when I put him in and he dug his claws in so deep that I bled. and I couldnt get them out so I was washing him with one eye closed with the pain. Blew dried him and then ran and cleaned the puncture wound and put rubbing alcohol on it. It hurts like a.............. The vet said it was okay to give him a bath because he smelled so bad, and his fur was so dirty. He seems to be okay now, just sitting with me as I type this.
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Cindy..hope you get a good night sleep tonight (I haven't read the whole Mark thread yet, but I will). Hope Bill feels better soon. There's also a nasty flu going around our neck of the woods. So far, at home, I am the last one left. Everyone got a touch of it last week.

Ady....I want vacation pictures! And tons of them showing us what a great time you are having! Lucky you. I can't remember the last time I went anywhere out of Canada.

Have a great day everyone.
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Sounds like a great time, Jeanie! I'm glad somebody had a nice weekend.

Cindy - of course you're a mess. I, too, am glad you're not working now, that would just make it harder for you to handle. Sleeplessness makes it all that much worse to bear. Sending more {{{{hugs}}}}, and letting you know again that I'm keeping you and the family in my prayers.

Kellye - Lazlo and Shelly went together to get neutered. They sulked around for a day, licking their privates. But they were fine after that!

Ady - good to see you with what little time you have! Gosh darn it - all of this is happening because you're so competent! All you have to do is start screwing up, and you'll have plenty of time with us!!! But in the meantime, have a GREAT vacation! We want pics of you with a SUPER tan!!!!!

Lizza - you don't need electricity to do your nails! Just focus on your fingers and you'll be fine. (Hope your electricity is back real soon!!!!!!! We were without electricity for most of Christmas day. It s*&ked. Let me rephrase that. It was nice at first, but then not having a phone became a bummer).

Nenners - we can totally relate. We have a job, but it's in the stock market, and we haven't been paid since sometime last April. We're down to our last savings. I'm pretty sure we're spending more on the cats' food than our own at this point, and we're trading computer teaching skills for rent - which, thankfully, includes gas and electric (the advantage of living in an RV park). LOL! (All I can do is laugh, or I'd be a wreck!) The car just started making a funny noise.... we're praying so hard it just hangs on until we (hopefully) close the negotiations with the new job (and get a first paycheck!)

Ghys - hang in there! The last thing you need is the flu. You need to join Ady on vacation!

As for Gary and me - well - Boog's at her new home, and it SEEMS like things are going well. Munchkin has already been relocated to a new home - our assistant gave it all of a day and a half. The Doc is calling us about how Julius is doing this afternoon. We're going to make another shelter outside, and we're going to put him back out as opposed to boarding him. We're pretty sure he'll be happier. He knows and loves us, and while it's cold and snowy outside, he'll get love several times a day (apart from food, which he can get anywhere).

FINALLY Spooky, Lazlo and Sheldon seem to have got the order of things settled. We hang toys off the handles of some of the cabinets during the day, and Lazlo and Spooky were batting a mouse back and forth between them for quite a while - it was so cute! I'm so glad she's here with us, she's such a love.

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I'm almost relieved that the holidays are over. With both Christmas and New Years falling on a Wednesday, all it did was mess up both weeks. That and my friend has been on Winter Break (she works at a school) and so has gone out to the bar both Saturdays around the holidays. I'm so happy to be able to get back into a real routine and catch up on my sleep! LOL Gosh, am I getting old or what?!?!

Nenners, I so completely understand about the money. I'm in the same boat. I have a decent job, but hubby hasn't really worked in about 2 years. He had the excuse of his back after the car accident, but even when the insurance money stopped he still didn't get a job. Now with the economy he thinks he has even more excuses. It's tough to make it work financially for two people on a secretary's salary. I've become an expert at clipping coupons and finding the sale meat at the grocery store. Rice is cheap too and you can do a whole lot with it. Jeanie, Ramen is a lot more expensive where you live! We get it on sale for 10/$1.00. We actually just picked up two cases for $1.50 this weekend. Yup, we're broke too.

Kellye, I'm glad Kahu's bath went well. I hope I never have to bathe my kitties. Trent would just yowl, I think, but our lives would probably be in danger if we tried to bathe Ophelia. LOL

Laurie, I've been wondering about this...Since Juli was shaved is he going to be warm enough outside? I'm sure you've thought of that before but I've been curious. Maybe he needs a little kitty sweater?
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That is a great question. He didn't have to have his entire body shaved. He had part of his tail, his back legs, part of his belly, and his back end shaved. He needs kitty snow pants! But I did forget about the shaving vs. cold problem (thoughtless Laurie!). We're waiting for a call-back from the Vet attending him. I think we'll have to board him after all. And by the time his hair grows back, the spot in the no-kill shelter will probably have opened up.

We'll just have to go visit him lots. (Though it is 1/2 an hour away. ).

Poor baby.
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My hubby has been laid off since Setp. Getting unpoleymont {SP} not near what he was bring home,but thank God I am working and his mother lives here her SC check is keeping the bills paid at least.lots of soup & Mac & cheese!My son has beed out of work for a year & has 5 kids! Food stamps are keeping them fed and Hub is keeping a roof over thier head, Job market around here S...S.
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Hello everybody

I'm going to make an effort to post more around here I read up on whats going on nearly every day, but don't get a chance to reply. I'm trying to committ to taking time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I used to love talking to all of you on here and I need all the positive things in my life that I can get

I took some time for myself today- which is very rare these days. I actually went shopping all by myself and indulged in a few new novels for myself. I got Dean Koontz's 'Strangers' as well as Tolkeins 'The Fellowship of the Ring', 'The Two Towers' and 'The Return of the King'. I've been meaning to read them for ages now. They're going to have to wait a bit though, I got Anne Rice's 'Blood and Gold':vampireL: for Christmas and am completely enthralled with it. I guess thats because it delves into Roman History which is a morbid fascination of mine

Today there were two new additions to our family, two little goldfish that have been named Sunset (he IS orange after all ) and Misty (white and red) by my kids. I've wanted goldfish since I was very young and have never gotten any until now. They fascinate me, because for fish they seem to have such personality Hopefully things go well with my little tank so I can move on to bigger and better ones :jarswim:

Well take care everyone, hopefully you'll see me around here more from now on (is that a good thing?? :tounge2:
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Melissa, Your goldfish will grow in proportion to the size of your tank, with some consideration for type, of course. They get huge, and are rather dirty, but the fancy finned goldfish are beautiful. I had the bug-eyed type. They eat a lot!
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The tank is pretty small, so I'm hoping they stay rather small too, or I may be buying a bigger tanker faster than I expected I noticed they're always picking around at the gravel on the bottom looking for things to eat. I fed them the proper amount, they gobbled it up and looked for more :laughing:, so I agree Jeanie- they're pigs.

I want a tank with tropical fish someday, but I'm working my way up. I started with Bettas, did well with them- the last one died of 'old age' (I'm assuming- he was nearly 3 years old) a few weeks ago. Now I've 'moved up' to goldfish- hardy fish. We'll see how that goes. If it goes well I'll get a bigger tank with goldfish and then eventually tropicals.
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Melissa, If you put the goldfish in with tropical live bearers, the goldfish will follow the live bearers and eat the fry as they are born. They're fine in a tank with egg layers like Angel fish, cichlids, gouramis, etc. Of course live bearers (other than black mollies) will eat the fry also. It's best to have a small breeding cage to give the babies a chance for life. It's a fascinating hobby. I raised Angel fish by the hundreds years ago, and traded them for fish food. The black fancy Angels are gorgeous.
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