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Congratulations blue - our new TCS home cat!

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Thank you for joining the moderating team blue! I know you'll make a great mod!

Blue will be the moderator for the feedback forum and co-mod for the new soon-to-be prose and poetry forum!
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oh no!! i'm out of the race to 700 posts - Super Cat!!

thanks, Anne, i'll do my best
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way to go!

we'll need some chickens-
:chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

and some of my little creepy girls-
:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:

and just for the heck of it some owls-
:owl: :owl: :owl: :owl: :owl: :owl: :owl: :owl: :owl:

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Congratulations Blue!
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Sweet Blue, Sweet Blue, You Moderator, You!!!!!! Couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving person. Time to put those writing/editing/computer savy skills to use!!!!!

I owe the fact that I learned how to do this to you. Just in time to salute your Moderatorship. We dub thee Lady Blue!!!!!
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thanks Colby aka Pinky Darlene and Blinc!!

i'm very happy about it

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WOW Congrats.

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Oh Blue...

You are one of my most favorite people here. Whenever I feel left out or a little sad, you seem to sence it and jump right in to say something up lifting to me.

You are such a unique individual and I am so glad to have been able to chat here on the cat site.

Congrats on becoming the new home cat!! :flash:
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I am very pleased that you have become a moderator. You have already put a lot of time and effort into making our forums better.

Plus, now you're out of the competition for Super Cat status
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Another milestone for you at The Cat Site! Well. . . .

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:jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim:

nothing says party like smiley faces floating in jars of fluid...whoo hoo!
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thank you for your kind comments, you are an angel :angel2:
i have to say, i enjoy your presence here at the forums everyday,

you are so very kind, and sweet, and you always make me smile

we should talk on AIM or through email sometime, i'd love
to get to know you better!


thanks for another Blob-O-Rama in my honour!!

=^..^= you are very sweet =^..^=


i was waiting for either you or Chuck to say that!!

the way i see it is: i may not wear the crown of Super Cat,
but - i can still make 700!! posts before you!!!

the race is still ON!

thanks for your kind words as well

and thank you Spike

[Edited by blue on 05-09-2001 at 05:00 PM]
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airprincess!! you are too funny :pinky:

i dont know what the heck these things are or are supposed
to imply

they kind of look like synchronized swimmers! :laughing:

:jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim:

thanks for adding your special flair to this
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Also referred to as "marine smilies," the nautical variety (shown above) are found mainly in the Gulfstream off the coast of the U.S.A. However, nautical emoticons have been reported recently in waters off the Ryukyu Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The air-breathing "smilies" are thought to be descended from these nautical, water-breathing, emoticons.

It's unclear as to why the other varieties of emoticons don't have present-day nautical relatives, but scientific research continues apace. The current theory asserts all emoticons evolved from these marine smilies, the great variety of air-breathing emoticons having evolved from the first "smilies" to have come ashore in their attempt to bring smiles to all air-breathing creatures.

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I was wondering myself! Thanks for explainig that one out!
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thanks for clearing that up! :jarswim:
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Oh Blue!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely thrilled that you are a mod here!! (couldnt happen to a nicer person... )

Anne e-mailed me and said you might be interested in co-moderating the Lounge with me, and asked me how I felt about that...and I said YES

I need some help here...and you and I will make a great team!!!!! ( big sis & lil sis! )

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you are too sweet, you always make my heart swell, i cant
ever be in a bad mood when you are around! i'm still waiting
on a phone line here, i cant wait to have one hooked up so
we can chat big sis to lil sis

i'm sure we'll have fun co-moderating the Lounge together.

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Oh Blue....I can't wait to talk to my lil' sis!!!
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