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More kitten pics!

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I'm going to use this thread to post updated pics of the kittens every couple days.

Anyways, here are a couple pics I just snapped:

Kitten karate kick! "Hi-yah!"
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such little babies, so precious!
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They look so much younger than they are. They look almost newborn. At least they might stay cuter for longer!!

I just love them and look forward to seeing more pictures soon
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Ha, they look even younger then newborns to me!

They'll be a week old tomorrow. I can't believe it!
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Oh, they are so tiny and cute!!
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for being 6 days old there just starting to look like newborns, bless them.
hows their weights getting on now?
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I havne't weighed them yet today(I weight them at 6pm every day), but yesterday the black one's weight was the same, but the white one had gained another .2 oz. He's 3oz now!

I just up-ed the white one's feeding amount to 4 cc's and the black one is getting 3 1/2cc's. They're such good eaters.

Also, I got a teeny bit off poo from both of them this morning. Yippee!
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thats great news , i hope they contuine to do so well.
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Thought I'd post their weights for today:

White kitten is 3.2oz

Black kitten is 2.8oz

When I got them(3 days ago) they were both 2 oz, so I assume they are doing well.
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