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Weekly Pictures!

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The Kittens are now 5 weeks old, they are all using the litterbox, and all of them but Panda will eat real food if it's offered. I have found a home for Panda, and we might keep Sadie, cause she's such a sweetheart! Here's a few pictures!


Sadie & Puffin:

Sylvie the momma:
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Aww They are Beautiful!

They are all adorable but we can see how you would want to keep Sadie

Our kittens will be 3 weeks on 8/25! Yay!

Thanks for sharing your photos & Best Wishes!
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Omg, those little white ones are still stealing my heart!!!!
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Sadie & Puffin still have pretty blue eyes, and since Panda and Smudges eyes have been green for a while, I'm hoping that they will stay blue!
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Awwww they are just too cute for words!!
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OMG! They ARE too cute! Good thing you are in AK I'd have to swoop up Puffin
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Wow! they are just georgous! Kitties are always so irresistable!
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Aww, thanks everyone for the nice comments!
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