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My girlfriend's kitty went to the bridge this weekend. Sissa was 12 years old and had been suffering from hyperthyroidism for the past year and the vet believes she either had a stroke or a brain tumor in the last month.

Sissa :

You were so brave throughout all you went through over the last year. From a scared little feral kitten, you came into your Mommy's house and heart 11 years ago. For 11 years you were always there and in the background. When you got sick last year you finally discovered the gift of love that you had been given and how good it could be.

You have no idea how the gift of love you gave back has affected Mommy. Although I never met you, you have touched me with all of your antics and your new found ability to show love.

Fly swiftly little one. Run free and play hard. Here is an angel to guide you.

Jen and your meowmy Melissa
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Rest in Peace Beautiful Sissa

May she run through fields of cat nip, drink from rivers of milk, and play the day away with other beloved pets
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Rest In Peace, sweet Girl.
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I'm so sorry.

RIP Sissa
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poor little kitty, RIP
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I will let this picture paint you the thousand words that I would like to express.

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