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I Finally Have Kittens!

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Cookie is having her kittens! She has 2 little black and white angels so far! They look just like their momma! I'm SO excited, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that! I will post pictures when she is all done!
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She has 4 and I think she is probably done. 3 are black and white and one is all black!
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Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pictures!!
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She just had a little white one! I didn't expect 5 but this is GREAT!
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Congrats on the new additions to your furry family!

We know your excitement! We were super excited when our cat Spooky gave birth to 2 beautiful healthly kittens. They are over 2 weeks old now, will be 3 weeks on 8/25. They bring tears of joy to our eyes and we are so happy

Best of Wishes to you & the momma cat, and of course the kittens! We all look forward to seeing photos!
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Congratulations on the safe arrival of the babies.
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Cookie is obviously pretty drained. Her meowing is really weak and she is just laying and nursing the babies. She is such a great mommy though!

How long should I wait before changing the bedding?
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I can't wait to see the pictures!
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Wait another day before changing the bedding. And put a nice towel inside a pillowcase - it will prevent the tiny claws from getting caught in the towel/blanket.

Don't forget to get mom spayed after the kittens are weaned. And don't let her outside till she is spayed!
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We live in an apartment so she will definately not be going outside.

Yes, she will be spayed as soon as they are weaned.
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I tried to get individual but they wouldn't stay still so the pictures were all blurry. When they kittens started to mew a lot while I had them, Momma got concerned and wanted them back. I will take individual pictures when I change out the bedding!

The black and whites are really difficult to see when they are next to momma. The white one stands out pretty well and the little black one seems a bit more adventurous!
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The photo's may be blurry... but they SURE are adorable!
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aww, the little white one with the black ears is cute!
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I can't believe the day has finally arrived!! It feels we've been waiting forever.

I'm glad everything went okay and that she waited for you to come back from you weekend away so you could share her joy and look after her.


(Do you think it's possible to change your user name coz help doesn't seem appropriate anymore!!! Then again, knowing you, maybe it is)

My babies have all got fleas
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I tried to change it last week but I couldn't figure out how, or if its even possible. I just took more pictures so I will have them up shortly!
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I'm in love! The white kitten with the black ears and tail is SOOOOO cute! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!

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The little white one was SO unexpected. He/She was number 5 and as I already said, I was told there were only 4!!
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They're adorable.
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You've managed to get such good pictures!!

I like the way they seem to blend in to each other in photos, because Ziggys a Tortie, they all blend into her quite well.

Isn't it cute watching them climb over each other?
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Cookie has some brown in her undercoat. I wonder if any of them will end up having that also.
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I had three black and white kittens in my litter - two of them have tabby markings but it took a few days for me to see it. One of them now is so clearly marked that I'm wondering if she'd still be considered black, and not a dark grey... I don't know about undercoats though. =)
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That little white one is what you would call a "VAN" - and very nicely marked too Probably that one has a different father then the others ones unless the father is a van himself (mostly white).

They are really cute!
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My other cat is a van and she has VERY similar markings to the little white one.
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Here is one more picture. This one shows the little black spot on the white kitten.

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Oh, the white one with the black markings is adorable. Now I want a kitten but I don't think we could handle that in our small apartment. Congrats on being a furgrandmommy!
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Awwww!!! How precious!!! What absolute darlings! I just love kittens.
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Congratulations ! they are all so cute
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