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New kittens!

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Our stray cat, Smoky, has just given birth to her fourth kitten this morning. When we woke up, she already had two. Then two more followed around 8:30. I'm still watching for more. She seems exhausted and is sleeping. We were successful in confining her to a large dog crate. I am very glad that they are safe in the house, but concerned because the mom is accustomed to being outside.

Better go check if there are more kittens!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Whether mom likes it or not, she must be confined in the crate or a small room till the kittens are weaned and then scheduled to be spayed BEFORE she goes outside again. She can get pregnant when nursing kittens.

And please keep the kittens and socialize them and make sure they are on solid foods and not nursing till 10-12 weeks old. I've had kittens nurse when 3 months old.

They need to learn important social/emotional behaviors with siblings and mom before leaving - its not enough to know how to just eat solid food or use the litter pan.
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Thanks for your well-wishes! It appears that four kittens are the magic number. I am so glad that she did not have a huge litter, I know it will be hard to find good homes for these kittens. One of the reasons I was determined to have these kittens born inside was so that they can become adjusted to humans. I have read that even a very tame mom-cat can keep their kittens away from people until the kitties are afraid of humans. As soon as these little guys are able to play, I'm sure my two sons will entertain them for hours!

Smoky left her cage while I changed the bedding this afternoon, but seemed fine not to leave the basement. I hope this works. I do not want more kittens.
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