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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
"Making biscuits" and anything like that always annoys me for some reason - the cat's kneading, not baking!!!!!
That annoys me too. I call it Happy Cat. LOL
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
I had a friend once that referred to his cat as his dustmop. He told me he actually used him to dust under furniture. I thought that was terrible, until I went over to the house and watched him do it. His kitty LOVED it! He would lay on his back and meowed until Chris got down on his hands and knees and started pushing him all around his floor (hard wood)...under the table, under the couch, under anything he would fit under. His cat was purring his head off! After cleaning the dust balls off his back, Chris sat back down and wouldn't you know it, the darn cat rolled on his back again and meowed for more! Just had to share that.
I'm going to try that with Riley!

My bf calls Riley "dumpster kitty" because thats where he was found, but I absolutely hate it when he does that.
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Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
I'm going to get flamed for this, although its not exactly a cat term, the word meowmy really irritates the out of me.
I happen to like the word meowmy, I think it's kinda cute As with the "Making Biscuits" phrase, I think it's adorable as well! I will always ask Petunia when she is on the bed kneading (or as I like to say Making Biscuits!!) if I can have cheese on my biscuits, and she will, in her very talkative manner, respond accordingly with a rather happy "Yip". It's part of our hysterical conversations together!
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I don't like "Meowmy" either. Too cutesy. I do, however, think of myself as their Mommy. I call Possum and Loki "My babies," "my boys," and "my kitty-boys." I like thinking of them as my babies because they need me for everything like a baby, although I'm sure at least Loki could take care of himself if he was outside. Also, someone I know had a baby a few months before I got Loki, and after I got him I was surprised to find out how similiar they were!

I still call my 16-yr-old dog my baby! And I affectionately call my sister's dog, Jinx (my "dog-niece;" yeah, we're weird) "Stupid, smelly dog!"

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