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I was wondering if anyone can suggest anything to help us with "poop in the fur" problem? Is there something I can give him in his diet that will firm up his poop? It is soft and gets stuck in his hair. I sure will appreciate any kind of help!
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You can clip the fur in the back so you don't have this problem. What are you feeding your cat?
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How long has it been like this, and have you spoken to a vet about it? Did you recently switch their food, and what kind are you feeding him.

If it's only recently is there something that has stressed the cat out to make his poos like this?

If it's a long haired cat, clipping his hind side can help.
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He's a persian and I feed him and my other 3 short haired cats Felidae.
I have been clipping his back side,but he hates it and he really gets stressed out after words.
I thought maybe there was something that I could give him in his diet to help.
Thanks Anyway.
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I personally don't know of anything, but I bet if you call up your vet they'll be like "sure we have lots of stuff for that!"
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Hi Zip,

I just wanted some more info before offering anything. You can give your kitty a *little* bit of cooked rice, you can also try low-fat plain yogurt, or lactobacillus milk. But if the symptoms persist, take a fecal in to your vet and have him check it for you. Good luck!
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