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Everytime it rains...

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my Cassy gets flashbacks from her previous life. She doesn't sleep in her usual spot anymore, but hides, she starts up again with dumping all the water out of the water bowl, and she gets vicious (growling, hissing when I come near her, just plain ole cranky)-she wants to be left alone. She acts exactly like she did when she first came here.

Not looking for advice, but, I don't know what happened her first two years of life, so I know for certain that certain things will send a cat into a flashback. Unfortunately for many cats it's not a happy flashback.

I've noticed this now that it has been raining more, not so much during the summer, it did not rain at all then. There is nothing I can do but keep her fed and leave her alone to hash things out.

ETD: I call her 'Dolly' most of the time, just so she doesn't relate to 'Cassy' and her past.
I DO know that she has been declawed and she was either dumped/or ran away. I think
she was probably dumped because she had on a flea collar and a worn pink collar that had
her name and a phone number that did not work.

Her previous owners may not have abused her (except for the declawing), her behavior damage came when she was out in the wild (don't know how long-she was real skinny). She was probably nice and well established in her previous home, then, all of a sudden her world turned up-side-down and she ended up in the wild to defend herself. My dog (when we first spotted her) chased her and she could not climb the tree.
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Poor sweet Dolly (Cassy)
Sending over comforting vibes to her.
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Poor little thing. She has a great home now though.
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About 7 years ago, we had a really bad storm that blew in from out of nowhere, and scared the dickens out of my cats. To this day, whenever it thunders or rains really hard, Maverick & Gabriel (who were 2 of the cats that I had at the time) will "freak out" whenever a storm blows thru, and will run & hide. They never used to be afraid of storms - not until that one severe one blew thru. I suppose they're having "flashbacks", too.

Winchester, who used to be an outdoor cat and would PLAY in a storm, is now afraid of them, too. I have no idea why though, b/c they never used to bother him.

I guess some cats are just more sensitive to loud & sudden noises/changes.

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